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Challenges as a social entrepreneur? UNREASONABLE!

Backing social entrepreneurs to solve Big F***cking Problems

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You are starting as a social entrepreneur and you have to solve A BIF F***CKING PROBLEM, right? We all really have challenges in business, but especially if you are bringing social innovation. Maybe you are not alone anymore…

Social entrepreneurs might sound unreasonable. Not only because they have the craziest ideas but also because they want to change the world. They are world savers and dent makers.

Like the George Bernard Shaw said at the Irish playwright:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man [& woman].”

Social entrepreneurs face challenges that at some point will require unusual solutions. Unreasonable is not an incubator or accelerator that will work with entrepreneurs in early stages of their development; opposite; they will support growth-stage entrepreneurs who are already wielding the most impactful solutions of our time.

The group backs entrepreneurs through unreasonable partnerships and initiatives.

They are as well a multi-media company, a private global network, and an investment firm. But really, what they try to do is breaking down barriers for entrepreneurs solving BFPs.

BFP’s is an acronym that stands for “Big F***king Problems.” Example BFP’s include but are not limited to the fact that an estimated 250 million adolescent girls live on less than $2 a day and 757 million people are illiterate and remain unable to read this sentence. Unreasonable strives to put BFPs where they belong… in a museum.

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Unreasonable focus on scaling what works, and helping in social entrepreneur challenges. The platform has supported over 80 entrepreneurs, who are positively impacting over 200 million individuals in more than 170 countries. An Unreasonable amount of money raised: over $2 billion in financing social entrepreneurs.


Unreasonable Group has launched over the years few initiatives that are part of their broader vision and grounded desire to drive exposure and support to the world’s most promising and impactful entrepreneurs.



17 Goals. 16 World Changing Entrepreneurs + the partnerships to support them.

Aims to create a global movement centred in the world most promising social entrepreneurs and give them everything they need to scale up: mentorship, financing, access to an influential global network.


It’s a partnership between Unreasonable and Barclays, the world’s first international network of accelerators. This project focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will help employ thousands worldwide while solving some of our most pressing societal challenges.


Focusing on providing investment capital and strategic support to early-stage enterprises in emerging markets that are solving significant social and environmental challenges – profitably. The amounts are a 25% of a financing round, from $50,000-$500,000.


The world’s first accelerator dedicated to the most powerful force for change on the planet: adolescent girls. The goal is to include girls on the global agenda and drive massive resources to them, by unlocking obstacles such as the lack of education, energy, clean water, clean fuel, health, and safety. Empowering girls through social entrepreneurs


750 million people cannot read. The inaugural Project Literacy Lab brought together 16 ventures, across 5 continents, for a two-week accelerator, being the world’s first international partnership focused on supporting fast growth ventures and invest in solutions that work to close the gap on illiteracy by 2030.


Gathering the 10 tech companies in need to scale their technology worldwide with 20 mentors and 600 college students on a ship for 100 days and stopping in 14 countries. A completely unreasonable adventure that was held in 2013, where 1,000 ventures from over 80 countries applied, and only 11 were selected.


All of these initiatives are driven and guided by the constraints set by our values, which you will enjoy in the most Unreasonable Manifesto.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to have a deeper look at each highly unreasonable initiative so you can finally solve your Big F***cking Problems!


Do you know about any company that is using a similar business model? Comment and share with other social entrepreneurs who need to solve their BIG F***cking problems.

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