BOOM BOOM Bamboo music with BOOSIC. The coolest bamboo speaker.

The most natural, sustainable, light and affordable acoustic bamboo speaker in the world

Once upon a time listening to music without electricity was possible. Now technology, with its planned obsolescence, you spend huge amounts of money for items that will last up to 3 years ending in the landfill. All these problems can be solved now with Boosic, the bamboo speaker that does not use electricity and is 100% biodegradable.

How does bamboo music sound? The sounds of our music with a bamboo speaker could be described as a sort of a natural sound generating the positive vibes brings us to the Chinese Feng Shui.

We honestly had seen many things made out of bamboo, but definitely not speakers. BOOSIC Bamboo is the latest invention of this sustainable material, and the best part is that it runs free of electricity or batteries. Your smartphone is all you need when using the BOOSIC bamboo speaker.

 cling nature bamboo speaker boosic prints


The bamboo is crafted with a slit in the centre so you can insert your phone. And BOOM! You can instantly feel the amplification. No cables, any place, anytime. Hands-free for phone calls is just another idea of what you could do! Whether you are travelling, studying, working, camping, or chilling in your hammock, take the light bamboo speaker with you and tune in!

You can choose the natural bamboo design or, if it was not stylish enough, just pick one of the beautiful prints. Want it customised for your brand or merchandising for events and gifts? We can also do that! You just need to order a minimum of 100 bamboo speakers which will still be really affordable.

Perfect for an imaginative present, the best gift you could do to someone is helping them to go sustainable with cool funky options like a bamboo speaker!

bamboo speaker brand customised merchandising
Personalise your bamboo speaker with your logotype. Cling Nature can personalise your merchandising.

All the products of Cling Nature are sourced from bamboo that is sustainably harvested in India, coming from a small village called Velhe. Here more than fifty families work on the bamboo cultivation to supply the materials. Cling Nature gives them also the opportunity to work in the manufacturing of the bamboo speakers and other products as well as the packaging, helping them to get a second source of income.

Cling Nature also uses sustainable, biodegradable packaging, which is handmade. There’s no use of animal products, with materials such as cardboard, jute, newspaper or cloth bags.

*Any orders with Cling Nature above 159 AED in the Arab Emirates and get the items shipped to your doorstep FREE. Shipping worldwide where fees apply.


Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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