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Ecosia. The search engine that plants trees

For years there have been browsers that have tried to compete with the giant Google. But since Ecosia has kickstarted, over 15,000,000 of trees have been planted; it is the best and the most sustainable search engine alternative.

Have you ever considered the option of changing the search engine you use? You should. Because from now on you can restore the rainforest from your desk. It’s a simple choice, a sustainable search engine alternative.

Now, you might be freaking out or asking yourself how can this be possible? But, yes you have understood right: imagine every time you do search you will plant a tree.

How can you use Ecosia as the main search engine?

You can install the free extension (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) in your browser and just use Ecosia every time you need to find something on the web. While it works as good as other search engines, furthermore you will plant a tree with each click. There’s a counter that will remind you how many trees you have planted, which keeps us motivated!

Furthermore, the Ecosia app is now available for mobile download from either Play Store or App Store!

And where do they get the income from to plant a tree every time you search?

The same as in other search engines, every time you search some ads generate income; Ecosia uses the 80% of the profits to plant trees.

Especially relevant, every month they publish their financial reports and receipts for trees plantation.

Is Ecosia better than Google?

We typed “Sustainable brands” into both Ecosia and Google to compare their effectiveness. In this case, none of them showed any advertising. Instead, both are optimised with a brief description of each result. There was not much difference in the results available, and most of the content was relevant to the entered keywords.

Why should you care? 

Trees are a natural remedy for the world. These are some of the benefits:

Fresh Climate, as trees absorb CO2, which is the primary responsibility for climate change. Big sized forests can create clouds that would reflect sunlight and cool our planet

Biodiversity, because forests are the most diverse systems in our world, with millions of species of which heaps haven’t been discovered or analysed yet.

Land protection, since trees protect the land from the erosion and provide rich and fertile earth. If you chop them down, you will end up having a desert.

Clean air, due to trees provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe, but thoroughly they clean the air by absorbing noxious gas and filtering particles.

Happy people, because the forests provide us healthy food and heaps of other sustainably harvested products. Nourishing 1,600 million people depends on them.

Hydrological security, as the forests regulate the hydrological cycles and prevent flooding, consequently create humid microclimates and increase the level of subterranean waters. As well, they react as sponges to avoid drought.

This has been the global impact of Ecosia, the greenest and most sustainable search engine alternative:


Ecosia sustainable search engine alternative plant trees

Ecosia has planted over 26 million trees, thanks to over the 7 million active users. Basically, this means that the search engines plants a tree every 1,1 seconds. Ecosia has invested a total amount of 6.6 million euros, which would be 0,20 cents for each tree.

Still wondering why Ecosia is the most sustainable search engine alternative?

These are some of the “tree planting” projects of Ecosia



In the 80’s San Martin suffered deforestation. Pur Project works with coffee and cocoa for local cooperatives to reforest the area and create new models of income. Also, little farmers plant trees and get an education in agroforestry, forest management, and sustainable cultivation.


Friends of the Usambara Society in Tanzania

The mountain chain Usambara is one of the 36 critical points in biodiversity of our planet. Almost a third part of its animal life we cannot find elsewhere. Friends of Usambara Society have as a goal to preserve this vulnerable ecosystem by combining agro-silviculture, ecotourism and recovery of the tropical forests.


Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar

Madagascar is the key point for diversity. Unfortunately, this region has lost the 90% of its forests. Eden Reforestation Project is hiring farmers to repair the forests to get the fauna back and avoid the land erosion. Most of the planted trees are the mangled trees that grow in salty waters and becomes an excellent are for the fishes to reproduce. Most noteworthy, this species is excellent to absorb the CO2.


Gunung Saran Lester in Indonesia

Borneo is a beautiful island covered with natural forests, and it is the home for orang-utans. The towns that surround the area have created the Foundation Gunung Saran Lester to build affordable alternatives to the extended industry of the palm oil. Ecosia will contribute to the history of a small village where over ten different trees species have been planted; hence, the lives of many farmers have been improved.


Foundation Dia in Nicaragua

The area of Nicaragua’s Pacific has numerous volcanoes, which has caused the deforestation of this area. The Foundation Dia has as aim to repair the volcanic mountainsides to stop even larger land erosion. As a result, this project will help to protect the nature, recover the sources of water and educate farmers in alternatives for a more sustainable subsistence model.


OZG in Burkina Faso

The Sahara desert is extending very quickly to the south and complicates the survival of Sahel’s population. OZG is planting trees to stop the progress of the desert and, consequently, try to make the land fertile again to get back the life and economy to the region.



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