Benefits of coconut oil when extracted freshly and organically

Everyday Coconut, a fair trade brand that measures its success through maternal health

Alaffia is a brand that creates products beyond Fair Trade. From fashion to healthy beauty products; all ethically produced in Africa under the mission of empowering the communities through education, health and environment. All the benefits of coconut oil to assisting the birth of over 4,000 babies in Togo, Africa.

One of the products we love especially is Everyday Coconut. Coconut oil is countless GOOD when applied directly to your skin as it is high in natural antioxidants. There is clear scientific evidence of using coconut oil for cosmetic purposes, improving the healthy appearance of your skin and hair. Some benefits of coconut oil are if you have dry skin, coconut oil can improve the moisture content of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As well, it reduces the symptoms of eczema by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. It also protects you from hair damage, and even improves your mouth health, killing some harmful bacteria.

The coconuts of Everyday Coconut are cultivated in coastal West Africa. In the country of Togo, the coconuts grow organically on small farms and sources the brand from the freshest coconuts. The virgin coconut oil is extracted using traditional fermentation methods, getting as a result of a product that is 100% natural, completely unrefined for you to get the maximum effectiveness.

benefits coconut oil everyday coconut alaffia

You do not want to buy products that use refined coconut oil. The reason why refined coconut oil is not as good as virgin coconut oil is because it removes the natural antioxidants helping the generation of free-radicals. These damage skin cells, which is one of the consequences of skin ageing and also cancer. Everyday Coconut produces the oil unrefined, helping to prevent those dangerous free-radicals from forming in the oil and the same skin you apply the oil.

If you have a normal or dry skin you can benefit from these beautiful products, which also contains antioxidant-rich coffee berries to gently cleanse away the pollutants and grime from your skin.

Everyday Coconut the most empowering oil you have ever seen!

WAIT WAIT! There are more benefits of coconut oil with this brand! Every purchase empowers mothers and communities. So far Everyday Coconut has contributed to saving 4,463 babies which is an incredible success and demonstration of empowerment.

benefits coconut oil everyday coconut alaffia

Due to the lack of adequate infrastructure, as well as the extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, the rates of high maternal mortality are 1 in 16 (source UNICEF, 2015). In West Africa each year over 160,000 women die due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth. These are shocking numbers, especially if we compare to the so-called “first world”, where the rates are 1 in 4,000 of mothers dying when giving birth.

Alaffia, the organisation behind the brand Everyday Coconut, started in 2006 the Maternal Health Project which consists of two ways of addressing the causes.

Every year Alaffia funds full pre and postnatal care, including special and urgent needs for the women in rural Togo. This is a direct approach to the immediate problem helping the mums and babies in the rural Togolese communities through the Togo Health Clinic system.

On the other hand, there’s a second part of the project called the Alaffia Women’s Clinic Project. It consists of a partnership with the local health clinics in Togo to provide information and training on all women’s health issues, including nutrition, preventing female genital mutilation. This becomes a key to prevent survival for the children as well as the mothers. A good nutrition, education on essential health matters, as well as preventing dropping out of school will help them to rise out of poverty.

What fair trade and organic coconut oil involves

And these may be some of the reasons why the coconut oil at the Alaffia Cooperative is over two times the price of these same products at West African ports. Also because Alaffia pays 15 to 25% above the market price for the natural source and the cooperative members receive a salary more than 4 times the average family income in Togo. Not to mention they receive full medical care, employment security, and one month of paid vacation each year.

That’s what a Fair Trade certified product involves. Everyday Coconut brings the benefits of coconut oil to the extreme. That’s how all the brands and products worldwide should be!


Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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