Bamboo sustainable toothbrushes as the best alternative to plastic

Brush Mable. Sustainable smiles made of bamboo.

This is a simple and small change that definitely will make a difference. A call to the families, singles, travellers, teachers, eco-friendly fans, minimalists… It’s more than a toothbrush! Brush Mable is beautiful bamboo 100% sustainable toothbrushes.

5 BILLION plastic toothbrushes are created worldwide EVERY YEAR. Only in the USA, 1 BILLION of those end-up in the landfills and oceans. Even more painful, every plastic toothbrush that’s ever been made… still exists! Because of the low rate that plastic decomposes. It’s not acceptable to think “this is just a toothbrush”.

What seems to be a simple everyday object, if you make that same choice over and over again, you will make a dent.

And because Brush Mable knows that for sustainable habits to have a true impact, they need to reach others, the brand has created the Buy Give Teach program.

So when you buy one, you will contribute to give one toothbrush to a kid in the USA as well as teaching them about personal health and the power they have by just making small sustainable choices. Mable Brush believes that by showing the new generations, alternatives will help them to make a sustainable switch and potentially begin a lifestyle.

The power of bamboo

Why bamboo? As we have mentioned in previous articles, like Yourstraw, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Because it’s naturally antibacterial and water-resistant, it makes it ideal for your toothbrush handle. But there’s more, see all the features in this infographic:


You can contribute in many ways.

If you are a teacher and you would like to learn more about participating in the Buy Give Teach program, feel free to email Brush Mable team. 

Become a member of the Brush Mable club and save over 20%. It’s a great DEAL for families! Look at how a financial plan is made sustainable for you (and your smile!)

bamboo toothbrush brush mable brand impact infographic

Each toothbrush has a mission. Discover The Toothbrush Project, a story of two Aussie girls who went to Cambodia to teach English. It only was a matter of days before we noticed the poor condition of the childrens’ teeth… Read the full interview, the challenges they faced and how they have impacted an entire community!

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