Disrupting the pudding market with Onist avocado chocolate puds

Create food products that are delicious, kind and most of all ONIST

Here to debunk the myths that healthy food has to be complicated, expensive, boring or inedible. Here’s to create food products that are delicious, kind and most of all ONIST. Enjoy this episode with Mary Lynch, founder of Onist Food.

Lydia & Ash met Mary Lynch at an event where she spoke about nutrition, sustainable diets, and Onist – her answer to the fad-riddled, often dishonest food industry she’d experienced as a nutritionist.

The new episode at podcast Switch they interview Mary Lynch, previous senior nutritionist for Jamie Oliver and founder of Onist Food.

avocado chocolate pudding onist

In this conversation you will learn how eating well can be good for you and the planet – diving into what a sustainable diet is, and also uncovering what we should be feeding our bodies to ensure we are getting the right nutrients.

They shed light on how eating nutritious foods can be easy, good for you and the planet, and delicious. 

avocado chocolate pudding onist

The star product is The Avocado Chocolate Pot contains just avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa and water. It’s almost three-quarters of your daily amount of fiber, full of healthy fats and tastes totally indulgent. And for every pot you buy you are buying a healthy breakfast for a child in need in Gambia (Onist has partnered with a little school there called Pandis). 

“We started small, making our pots in the kitchen, but now stock all over the UK – and have just launched in America. We are also about to partner with our second charity in Uganda.”

avocado chocolate pudding onist

But they are more than just products, they want the ONIST website to become a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand nutrition hub that debunks the myths. 

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