Vegan Moroccan shoes contributing to girls’ education

Social entrepreneurship starts with a dream.

All started with a dream. Authentic vegan Moroccan shoes. And Fadila saw the bigger picture between AMAZ and its country… through education. 

When Fadila Bennani learned about the girls living in the Haut Atlas region in Morocco and their restricted opportunities to go to school, she decided to found a brand that would pay tribute to the Moroccan culture, and at the same time, a fashion that would be ethical and completely sustainable.

The “Maalems” Moroccan artisans handcraft the sneakers. There are two collections for women to choose from, “Mozouna” and “Terz Fassi,” each available in five different colours and packaged plastic-free in a tote bag.

At Ourgoodbrands, what we like the most AMAZ is they support the Moroccan footwear industry. They glamourise the ancestral know-how of Moroccan artisans.  They are also leading eco-conscious vision and the ethical fashion industry in the country.

Education is the most important, so they decided to start off the dream to give access to education for the Haut Atlas. Which is a particular community: a rural area that is isolated from schools.

In Morocco, a majority of girls living in rural areas, unfortunately, have no possibility of studying after the primary school, especially since the high schools are often taken away from their towns. The cost of schooling, accommodation, food, school equipment and clothing for a girl in high school is 1,000 € every year.

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Thanks to the partnership with the NGO Education For All, AMAZ helps a girl to attend class for a day for every pair of shoes sold.

As Helene D. Gayle said once “If you educate a girl, you educate a nation.”

The shoes don’t contain any derived animal materials. The back of the shoe is made of a cotton canvas known as “sfifa”, which is a trimming created with a plant-based silk thread (named “Hrir” or “Skalli” woven)- for those who want to learn about the concepts of this deep cultural rooted shoe.

The difference between both collections is that “Mozounas” is the traditional decoration found in the traditional Berber clothes, while “Terz Fassi” is a type of fabric traditionally used in the art of embroidery from the millenary city of Fes.

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Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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