10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle

The ultimate guide to make your garments last

As we know fast fashion has a huge environmental impact, and to be honest, it is frustrating seeing our favourite garments going to the bin after wearing them a few times. Here’s your ultimate guide with tips to care for your clothes.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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Taking care of your clothes is similar to saving money and the environment. It is essential to have an ethical and sustainable closet. Eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts encourage people to take good care of their clothes to cut consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are some of the tips to care for your clothes and make them last longer.

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1. Buy quality clothes

It is best to buy one expensive jacket that can last multiple seasons than have five new cheaper ones each season. Although the garments and linens’ price is not an assurance of its quality, most higher-quality pieces will often last longer due to its material and construct. Do not be afraid to spend a little more on your clothes, after all; they will last longer than those that are only trend-focused.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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2. Know the fabrics

The time will come that your garment will wear out after repeated use and wash. However, high-quality fabrics will likely be the most durable and will last longer than other clothes. Avoid the use of synthetic fabrics, as the washing releases microplastics and other chemical components. When it comes to sustainable materials ensure to follow the washing instructions on your label.

Moreover, when you wash your clothes, ensure that you have read the wash label. It gives instructions on how you can properly wash your clothes.

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3. Pre-treat stains

An unfortunate moment happened. There are moments when we get our clothes stained. If this happens, do not panic. Pre-treat the stains immediately. Do not let it set on your clothes. You may carry around a stain removal pen to tend the stains immediately. Pre-treating the stain before washing them will less likely lead to discoloration or permanent stains.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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4. Wash less

Washing less does not mean wearing unwashed clothes, but think about the garment that goes through every time it goes to the washer. Clothes that are beaten frequently in a washer are likely to discolor and stretch, or it will likely shrink.

Wash your denim clothes or jeans less, unless if there is visible dirt on them. Challenge yourself to wear your delicate garments at least three times before you take them to the laundry.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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5. Do not dry clean often

Dry clean has several benefits for our favorite clothes. You may be tempted to have your clothes dry cleaned often. It is not advisable to dry clean your clothes often as it may cause your clothes to wear out and fade a lot faster.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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6. Store clothes properly

Store your clothes properly. If you have heavy sweaters, fold them on the shelf. Do not cram your clothes inside the wardrobe. Give spaces in between them to give a little breathing space to avoid wrinkling and color fading. 

Use better hangers as it will affect the shoulders of your garment. Use wooden hangers; wire and plastic hangers can make your clothes saggy.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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7. Be extra careful on vintage clothes

Vintage clothes are made before 1980, and they are made to a higher standard than modern garments. Although they are made with quality materials, you have to look after them. Always check their care labels to clean them properly. If your vintage clothes’ wash label is faded or cut out, it is best to bring them to a dry cleaning expert

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8. Reduce the Use of Detergent

Using the detergents helps remove the stains, grimes, and bacteria on the clothes. The truth is, other than it is harmful to the environment, using a large amount of detergent can make your clothes stiff and dull.

You can mix half of the prescribed amount of the detergent and half a cup of baking soda. Baking soda is the best natural detergent booster. The mixture will not only clean your clothes but will also help maintain the color and freshness of your clothes. 

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9. Use Clothesline and Air Dry

If the sun is out, you can hang your washed garments outside. The sun does better in drying your clothes than your energy-consuming dryer machine. It also avoids overheating and shrinking your favorite garments inside the dryer. You have to remember this, especially when you are dealing with sportswear. Their fabric is known to break down, leading to unwanted looseness or stretchiness.

However, you have to ensure that your clothes are not under direct sunlight. It will cause discoloration of your garments.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle
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10. Learn Basic Mending

When the strap comes loose or a button falls from your clothes, do you throw them away immediately? If you do, stop. There might still be hope. Instead of getting rid of your clothes, learn a few essential mending tips to save your garment. If you do not have the time to mend your clothes, you can take them to your local dressmaker.

10 Tips to care for your clothes and extend their lifecycle

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