Probably the world’s most tech-advanced organic cotton underwear

Basically Better Made. Consciously created. Designed to last.

Someone had to change it. Underwear is generally overpriced, and yet it has a very poor life cycle. You wear it, washed it, and not much later you just throw it into the rubbish, of course, ending up in the landfill. Organic Basics is antibacterial and odourless underwear that will allow you to wear more and wash less, which is better for you and the environment.

Wait! What? Tech-Advanced organic cotton underwear? Well, it can be if it’s durable, comfortable, odor-killing, and on the top of that, affordable & sustainable!

The mission of the brand is to create organic cotton underwear and lead the way on sustainable, better made basics. The guys from Organic basics only wanted long-lasting designs, eco-friendly fabrics, and good working conditions in the European factories.

The pieces are affordable, creating a design thinking for more comfort, durability, and breathability.

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

No wonder that has received the support of over 1900 backers in 22 countries through their Kickstarter campaign. If you are ready for the new anti-microbial, odorless experience, they have a new collection of SilverTech 2.0!

Tech-advanced organic cotton underwear

infographic brand organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

Anti Microbial | Polygiene® silver treated underwear for optimized odour control, allowing you to do more and wash less.

Seamless | A seamless design means no discomfort or areas of weakness in the fabric.

Recycled Materials | We use mechanically recycled nylon that reduces CO2 emissions and water use by up to 90%

Lightweight | Move freely without restrictions. Q-Nova is a strong yet soft, lightweight nylon that you’ll never want to take off

Breathable | Built with advanced ventilation in critical sweat zones, our basics will keep you dry and comfortable all day

Durable | Stronger and more durable than any other underwear. No loose threads, frayed ends, or tears over time

Heat Regulating | Thermodynamic – keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Wrinkle-Resistant | Forget about ironing. Quit worrying about shrinking. Our basics are wrinkle-resistant.

100% Sustainable | Built with the most advanced, eco-minded fabric technology, our basics are the most sustainable underwear on the market

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

Basic colors, timeless styles, and NO seasonal collections.

The range of products you can find is quality men underwear, organic cotton t-shirts, socks, and consciously created accessories, as well as a full collection of women’s organic cotton basics.

The technology used is SilverTech, which makes the underwear comfortable, durable, antibacterial, and sustainable. Non-stop evolution, because they are about to launch the SilverTech 2.0 collection, which is made from mechanically recycled nylon, seamlessly knitted for better comfort and durability, and treated with Polygiene® for better odor control.

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

Also important to know, some of the materials that the brand does not use are Rayon, Cupra, viscose and mimosa. This basically makes all the difference when you compare with other underwear brands.

Wear more, wash less

On their process of creating a sustainable underwear brand, they realised that washing and drying accounted for ⅔ of the environmental impact of a piece of clothing. The key was to reduce the need for frequent washing, and SilverTech was the answer to this problem.

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

More wearing and less washing save you time and money, and it helps prolong the lifetime of the garments, as well as reducing the impact by conserving water and energy.

Check out their amazing and the world’s most tech-advanced organic cotton underwear here!

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

Made in Europe, with endless certifications

It is not a coincidence that the production takes place in Europe. It’s part of the sustainable process to minimise transportation.

The cotton for the organic and first SilverTech collection is cultivated just outside Izmir, in Turkey, without using toxic substances, such as pesticides, fertilisers or other nasty chemicals. Also important, the seeds are non-GMO (genetically modified), grown by humans that are treated like humans; under fair trade conditions where people are getting fair wages, are not discriminated, and freely chose to work in the cotton industry. No wonder why they have earned the GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, a verification that sets the highest ecological, sustainable and social requirements for pesticide, and insecticide free natural fibres.

organic cotton underwear silvertech organic basics men women

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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