10 Positive Lessons Learned from COVID19

Many people say we are giving Mother Nature a break. Well deserved, that’s for sure. With the quarantine, you surely had more time to think about what we could actually learn from this global crisis. Can we actually find any positive lessons from COVID19? 

There is always a brighter side. Those who didn’t believe in climate change can now see the “before” and “after” of how nature is healing. But the reality is that the quarantine has not been easy for most of us, we’ve seen small businesses close, people we love getting ill and worse, our routines we dramatically stopped, we feared the future, we stopped our plans, we have lost our incomes, some their homes… That’s a lot on our plate. 

If we were fortunate enough, we now had the chance to spend time doing things we liked, learning a course, spending time with family… and the truth is we are social beings. A quarantine has forced us to take a break and look at the world. 

We know you little humans love to be in permanent growth, so we’d like to share with you our big 10 positive lessons to learn from COVID19. Can you relate?

1. Be Present

Everything can change from one second to another.

Enjoy the present moment, because that is the only thing that’s ensured.

2. Enjoy Real Humans

Spend time with people, the real people, it is a gift. Talk to them, share ideas, laughs, hugs will never be compared with an image on your phone. Never again take out your phone when you are with your friends or family. Don’t take it for granted.

3. What’s Important

If you have a home, food on the table, people who love you and health, you have everything.

4. Nature Heals

Spend time in nature, it’s a need of your soul. It brings peace, it sheds light on your thoughts, calms down anxiety. Do it often.

5. Take a Digital Break

We have a strong addiction to our phones. Once a week (at least), put it away in a drawer and don’t touch it. Enjoy the real world. If your online addiction is worst maybe its time to contact online addiction counseling centers

6. Play to Grow

A board game with the family makes us stronger, unites us and helps us to grow together.

7. Do Good

Toilet paper is not the most important. Hoarding is not helpful. Thinking of others is important, love and compassion always win. 

8. Do What You Love. Often.

Don’t wait for a pandemic to have time to learn and do all those things you always wanted to. Make time, the best moment is today.

9. The Real Heroes

The real heroes do not use capes, a gun or a tie. They wear gloves, face masks and a big heart willing to sacrifice and help in anything that’s needed.

10. Mother Earth Deserves Better

Karma exists. Everything we do comes back. We have mistreated our planet, nature and these are some of the consequences. Everything we need in our lives comes thanks to Earth: water, food, oxygen, animals and places. We need to changes and start taking care of it more than ever before. This involves us all. 

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