Plastic bags alternatives that are revolutionising communities

Boomerang Bags. The double side effect of not using plastic bags

Plastic bags alternatives are the most common topic of discussion when it comes to living a more sustainable life. Citizens are highly aware that plastic bags are causing damage to our world. And avoiding their use could be the easiest way of transforming our planet, environments and ecosystems.

If we look at the plastic contamination problem, we will realise it is massive. Only in Australia, every year, the population buys 600 million litres of bottled water. They use around 7 BILLION plastic bags. Another billion in take away coffee cups. Furthermore, 768 millions of plastic straws. And also we discard over 43 million toothbrushes. There are many brands that are finding solutions for waste. However today we will focus on the plastic bags alternatives.


The problem of plastic, only in Australia every year

The plastic impact in Australia

Boomerang Bags is a brand that is different because volunteers make the products. People from their local community get together to produce re-usable shopping bags just by using recycled materials. This is a very sustainable option for plastic bags alternatives.

The experience is fantastic: you meet with your peers with the purpose of creating with your own hands a product, knowing that you are extending the life of existing material. At the same time, you multiply the life-cycle of the textiles because of hundreds of people will use it afterwards.

Furthermore, you start conversations with people who are as committed as you to drive a shift in the society. And suddenly you become more sustainable and join the revolution of the conscious consumers.

Boomerang bags is a social enterprise in all sense of the word

  • It solves a problem because the excess of plastics that end in the oceans and widely contaminate our planet. With this plastic bags alternative, you will reduce waste and pollution since you will be able to use another sustainable option when shopping.
  • The product is made out of recycled materials, as Boomerang Bags uses as raw material recycled garments and clothing that would end up in the bins (which, in the end, is another cause of environmental contamination.)
  • There are multiple levels of community mobilisation, due to the volunteers sew up the Boomerang Bags. At the same time, they will be more conscious of choosing to not to use the plastic bags. People who participate in the production process will become loyal members of the community and even more aware of the use of plastics; especially, because they have created with their own hands the solution.
  • It involves a revolutionary shift in the society. Since the members of the community are actively engaged in the production of the bags, they also are likely to inspire their peers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle through plastic bags alternatives. Everyone is aware of the plastic contamination crisis, but now there are some opportunities to change some harmful behaviours quickly. This will benefit the world and, also, won’t mean a radical change in their everyday lives.
The motto of Boomerang Bags is a reflection of this revolution.

“Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community-driven movement tackling plastic pollution at its source” and “Raising awareness of plastic pollution through community engagement.”


This infographic shows the impact of the Boomerang Bags, a community where you have a chance to become proactive in reducing the plastic bag pollution.

The Boomerang Bags community for plastic bags alternatives impact infographic


Boomerang Bags is present in 13 countries, in which we can find over 280 points of distribution and more than 30 communities are involved.


How can you get involved with the Boomerang Bags community?

  • You can become an active consumer of Boomerang Bags. The service is free.
  • Distribute the Boomerang Bags between your fellows and share the message of waste, sustainability, and empowering people to be part of the solution!
  • Making bags with other members of the community; you can even bring your designs!
  • Collecting and donating materials: banners, fabric end of rolls, linens, curtains, and clothing. Your trash is their treasure!
  • Giving money: every 25$ supports the production of 10 Boomerang Bags and replaces over 5,500 plastic bags from being used each year!
  • Starting a community: Boomerang Bags will provide a toolkit of resources to help successfully implement the initiative within your local area.
  • Hire their workshops for your school. Education is the key to a sustainable world.

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