Mucha Mujer empowers women to flourish from exclusion with artistic tools

Innovative art workshops where “No woman will be left behind”

Spain, a country hit by a deep political and economical crisis. It lacks the structure that would support vulnerable people. Sadly, most of these folks are women. Mucha Mujer proves that art is a powerful tool to trigger the social transformation.

Mucha Mujer is an organisation based in Barcelona that is doing a great job helping women coming from a difficult background. Exclusion from the labour market leads to economic hardship and, in consequence, low opportunities for reintegration in the society. There are several reasons for a big community of women living in this situation, most commons are domestic violence, prostitution, drug consumption or even immigrants that do not have any assistance.

The project helps women to live a transformation process through innovative art workshops, especially focused on theatre and dramaturgy. The art laboratory allows them to do explore something we, as human beings, easily forget: name the feelings and give a place to the emotions. The aim is to stimulate their creativity and give meaning to life again. It is an environment for them to express safely and free.

mucha mujer art performance art social exclusion

So far over 300 women who had the chance to take part of these workshops have noticed a recovery in their self-confidence, as well as earned tools to find their way back to the social and work life. The outcomes are simple:

“My colleagues made me feel that I was a strong woman, that I have loads of love to give. And even more important, they did not see me with my fears, opposite, they see me as a brave person” Carme Casafont

Sadness and focusing on the weaknesses do not encourage anyone to make a change and be empowered. Instead, if we give these people the tools, the company, and the space to expression and the fun, magic happens.

“The first time I came I was sad, but right after joining the workshop I had so much fun. We work as a team, everybody supports each other and that makes us feel good. This helps us! We all feel way better after the play” Maria Luisa Aledo

The dynamics we use are performing arts, such as theatre, dance, and also writing as this is how the plays are created, collectively. Fulfilment through creativity and working together, collaboratively.

mucha mujer art performance art social exclusion

Now a crowdfunding campaign is open to expand and replicate these workshops throughout the entire city. Those who donate will have the chance to attend a rehearsal of the play, earn gifts or to get involved in the organisation. There are just a few days left for you to take action, every support is welcome!

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