Modern Sustainable Lifestyle Trends and Changes: Recent Developments

Newer generations and Gen Z combined, finds society as a whole bound to experience changes in sustainable lifestyle trends and approaches.

As the years go by and newer generations start entering adulthood, society as a whole is bound to experience changes in lifestyle trends and approaches. Nowadays, some of the oldest representatives of Generation Z are starting to enter the workforce of various countries, live on their own, and navigate life as a whole.

How successfully are they managing to accomplish these things? What are some of the major shifts and differences between the lifestyle of Gen Z compared to previous generations, and what are some of the biggest concerns and problems they are currently facing? Hopefully, this article will answer all of these questions, providing relevant data and information.

The Health Awakening

A striking trend has emerged in recent years: Americans are increasingly concerned about their health. Since 2021, there has been a 22% decline in the number of individuals reporting excellent health, coupled with a 17% rise in those frequently worrying about their well-being. This shift in perception has catalyzed a proactive approach to health management among consumers.

This newfound health consciousness is reflected in consumer behavior. Since the third quarter of 2021, there has been a notable uptick in health-related purchases. Sales of vitamins and supplements have gone up by 15%, while health foods have seen a 7% increase in customer demand. These figures underscore a growing commitment to preventative health measures and nutritional optimization, whether that is just looking ahead for the future, or just simply complying with the demands of an already damaged organism. 

There could be some correlation drawn between this data and the growth experienced by the fitness industries across the entire globe. Going to the gym seems to be a more popular activity than ever, especially amongst young adults, with the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) rate demonstrating an impressive 9%.

Of course, there is a darker, often unspoken side to this as well, as the growing popularity of the fitness industry, and its portrayal on various social media outlets is leading to more body-image issues than any of the previous generations have experienced, consequently resulting in more anabolic steroid use than ever before. For example, its use almost tripled in the 18 years between 2001 and 2019 in Australia, raising some concerns about the repercussions.

Regardless, in most cases, the numbers indicate that many people are actively taking their health more seriously and making positive lifestyle changes to maximize long-term happiness.

The Gaming Revolution

While health consciousness is on the rise, another significant lifestyle trend is the continued growth of the gaming industry. Recent statistics indicate that there are more gamers now than ever before, with the global gaming community expanding across all age groups and demographics.

Interestingly, these stats do not just apply to traditional video games, but also to the gambling scene and casinos as well. For obvious reasons, this sub-section of the larger gaming world is quite divisive, so for individuals who want to enter and explore, proper knowledge is essential.

Often that is knowledge about realistic expectations or even a proper understanding of the games and their mechanics, perhaps translating in the form of knowing key differences between game variations, whether that is for slots, poker, or whatever else it may be. There are plenty of resources that can help an individual get on the proper track and maximize their entertainment value from the gambling industry.

Getting back to the larger gaming world, according to a recent report by Newzoo, the number of global players has reached 3.38 billion, representing a year-on-year growth of 6.3%. This growth in gaming popularity can be attributed to factors such as improved accessibility, the rise of mobile gaming, and other hardware, as well as the growth of social media outlets, often filled with gaming content that serves as incredible promotional material.

The Mental Health App Boom

The importance of mental health has gained significant recognition in recent years, a trend that has only accelerated in the wake of the semi-recent pandemic. This heightened awareness has fueled the growth of mental health apps, which continue to see strong adoption rates even currently.

Obviously, the stats showing an initial rise during the heart of the lockdown make complete sense. After all, being stuck indoors all day consistently has its effects on the average human mind. What is fascinating though, is that this growth did not stop after the restrictions were eased, and practically removed. A recent report by Grand View Research predicts that the global mental health apps market will reach $17.5 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% from 2022 to 2030.

This is a massive number for any industry, and while more mental health awareness is great, it’s crucial to remember that while these apps can be valuable tools, they should not replace professional help when needed. Face-to-face communication with a qualified expert is likely going to produce greater results for an average individual than online applications, though both could potentially have their place.

Often, even the simplest of tips can sometimes make a world of difference, whether that is getting better sleep, engaging in consistent physical activities, or maintaining healthy connections and relationships. 

Of course, all of this, no matter how simple it seems, is easier said than done, and while it is a bad sign that there is such a growth in individuals seeking professional help from outside resources, there is also a bright side to the raised awareness.

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