Important message to all those women in the world on menstruation shame and taboos

Don’t hide it. Period. The campaign that wants to tell the world that your period is… Well! Just a period.

For what reason did the menstruation shame and taboos become a thing? The campaign “Don’t hide it. Period.” turns boring sanitary pad packaging into one that is inspiring, confident and sparks conversation. It’s time to own your periods like the #GirlBoss that you are.

Yes, it’s that time of the month.

Yes, it’s painful.

Yes, it swings moods.

Yes, it is blood, but…

No more embarrassment.

No more blushes.

No more black packets.

No more rain checks.

No more shame.

No more explaining and

No more hiding.



Don’t hide it. Period. Wants to spread well the message and that’s why every single sanitary pad includes a unique idea. To stop the society to stigmatise about menstruation as being a taboo, us women need to start making period a normal and natural thing. We must end being embarrassed because of menstruation.

The goal of the campaign is sparking a conversation about menstruation shame and taboos

To be open and talk about periods without shame. That’s why even you can design your own virtual pad with a personalised message and share on all the social media platforms. The idea is that you can inspire many other people around the world.

menstruation shame taboos dont hide it period
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On the other hand, Don’t hide it. Period. gives back to women in India by donating to The Better India. This organisation is setting up a factory in Ajmer, together with Aakar Innovations, that will employ local women to manufacture and distribute biodegradable, low-cost napkins.

The reason why they are doing it is because over 300 MILLION women in India do not have access to proper sanitary products, relying on old rags, newspapers, socks, leaves or even ashes! The shame, the secrecy, lack of access to toilet facilities further adds to the challenges.

There are also other great brands that are doing a big job to help women around the world to access sanitary pads, as well as educating them on the important matters. Check out Bleed For You organic tampons and Saathi banana fibre biodegradable sanitary pads.

Are you a brand that wants to give back to the world? We work closely with Girls Health and Education Foundation and Benedicta Uweru, a big community who are looking forward to finding a social entrepreneur that wants to start a business in Nigeria.

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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