How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Make the most out of your clothes: tips to create an eco+stylish garmentory for the colder days!

Best thing about summer ending is that we get to start a new season (a cozy one!) And with the cooler days, you will want to transition your sustainable wardrobe from summer to fall. Here are some fashionable tips on how to!

Shorter days, cooler weather and pumpkin lattes are on their way, so it is time to build your autumn wardrobe capsule. Fortunately, you can still wear your favorite summer clothes by pairing them with cozy autumn staples. 

Benefit from these tips to create a wardrobe that makes you feel and look seasonally appropriate while being kind to your wallet. 

Add a Sustainable Blazer or Jacket to your Dress for an Extra Layer 

When it comes to fashion, nothing elevates your look quicker than a blazer or a jacket! A sustainable blazer is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe because of how easily it can be worn with any other item, from casual dresses to formal suits.

Sustainable blazers and jackets are mostly made of recycled wool, hemp, or organic cotton. It is worth the investment when you choose the right blazer or jacket that will be a staple in your wardrobe for a considerable time. Getting a sustainable blazer this fall will not just give you warmth and coziness but also endless outfits to enjoy the season in style. 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Pair Your Shorts or Dress with Tights and Boots 

Boots and tights are one of the most important items to change in your wardrobe when it comes to fall. Therefore, you do not have to get rid of all your favorite light, flowing, delicate summer dresses, shorts, and skirts! You can wear them with a sustainable pair of tights and boots instead! 

This simple and unique formula will make it much easier to take your summer pieces into the new season. Tights keep you warm and give you a sense of modernity, thanks to their sheer and figure-flattering finish. You can find sustainable tights made of recycled nylon, recycled wool, and traceable natural fibers in many stores nowadays. In addition, you can use this combination in freezing, mild, and warmer temperatures. 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Warm Hats are an Easy Way to Accessorize 

Fall accessories are the easiest to style and wear among other seasons. All you need to boost your look and twist your outfit is a trendy sustainable hat and a stylish pair of glasses. A perfect beanie or hat from Australia can pull together any outfit while keeping your ears warm.

It is impossible to go wrong with hats when it comes to fall accessories; the hat that best compliments your personality and sense of style will be perfect for you. In addition, with this fall’s fashion colors, you can take your unique and stylish summer glasses with you into the new season rather than buying new ones. You can easily find sustainable yet quality eyeglasses made from recycled plastic, reclaimed skateboards, bamboo, and plant-based biodegradable acetate. 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Add an Eco-Friendly Scarf to Your Dress for Extra Coverage and Warmth 

If you are the type of person who can’t tolerate cold weather and gets cold or flu every time you go outside in fall and winter, then scarves are your way to go. Scarfs are a timeless trend that can be styled in various ways and with different outfits.

In addition, scarves give you the perfect extra dose of warmth and coziness; scarves will give that trendy and cool style when layering them over your jacket, hoodie, T-shirt, blazer, cardigan, or dress. Therefore, you can invest in a sustainable, ethical scarf to be kind to Mother Nature and your bank account simultaneously! 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Trade in Opened Toes Sandals for Ballet Flats 

If you want to invest in some go-to fall staples that will last for years, then ballet flats are what you are looking for. Nowadays, you can wear ballet flats in both summer and fall. Although it has been a long time since ballet flats were popular, they are making a great comeback this fall.

Ballet flats are one of the most sustainable yet fashionable items to add to your fall wardrobe. Although they only used to be worn with peplums and polished midis, now they are worn with casual, formal, and classy outfits.

Try getting a pair of sustainable ballet flats this season instead of opened-toe sandals. An eco-friendly pair of ballet flats with flexible texture and supportive insoles will give you more support and no pain to your feet. 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

To Make It Extra Cozy, Wear Your Dress Over Leggings

Today, leggings may be worn anywhere, not just at the gym. You can wear them instead of tights under a dress, skirt, or even shorts for extra coziness. Wearing your dress over your leggings is a chic yet simple style; it works as long as you go to a casual event, like grabbing a cup of coffee after yoga class or casually meeting with your friends for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Keep this tip in mind whenever you don’t feel like going bare-legged outside on cold days. Remember that this formula’s basic and most important rule is to keep it as simple as possible.

You should avoid wearing leggings with a pattern or a color that doesn’t match the dress color. Also, avoid wearing loose leggings underneath a dress. In addition, this tip works perfectly with short to mid-length dresses and miniskirts. 

How to Perfectly Transition Your Sustainable Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Wear a Turtleneck or Sleeved Shirt Underneath the Dress

This is our last tip for keeping your wardrobe sustainable and budget-friendly this fall season. Try to choose your favorite sleeveless or short sleeve dress from your summer wardrobe and mix it with a thin or thick turtleneck.

You can also wear your short dress with a sleeved shirt underneath for extra coverage and warmth. Using this tip, you will add a cozy and casual vibe to your outfit, and the neck coverage will keep you looking fall-appropriate. In addition, this hack will help keep your neck warm and prevent you from catching a cold. 


Layering is key! T-shirts and skirts can be layered with blazers, jackets, or hoodies. Dresses can be worn with turtlenecks or sleeved shirts, and leggings can be paired with shorts, skirts, or dresses. And lastly, don’t forget to spice up your look with a stylish pair of sustainable glasses and a simple hat or beanie.

Following these tips, you can easily and smoothly transition your wardrobe capsule from summer to fall easily and smoothly. You will be ready for this cozy season while being kind to the planet and your bank account.

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