How to teach your kids about energy efficiency

Simple tips & ideas to involve your children in building a sustainable future

Most kids love learning new things, and we find involving them in environmental activities is the best way to co-create a sustainable future. Here are a few ideas on how to teach your kids about energy efficiency.

You can’t stop progress, and the reality is most people can see that energy efficiency is the future. If you want your kids to understand this, and maybe even be a part of the next generation, you need to teach them about energy efficiency, which the following can help you with.

1. Green updates at home

One thing you can do for your kids is to teach them about energy efficiency at home. Learning about the eco-friendly tools people have today can teach your kids the importance of this. There is a lot you can teach them. For example, you can highlight some of the energy-efficient appliances you have at home.

If you don’t have many of these appliances, you can always purchase a few more with your kids’ assistance. You can tell them it saves you money and is eco-friendly. You can also implement new rules in the house that’ll get your kids to use less energy than they do normally. Maybe you can keep a score of which child finds ways to use less energy each week.

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2. Embrace the great outdoors

Another interesting thing you can do for your kids if you want them to understand the importance of energy efficiency is taking them camping. This activity highlights the importance of power. You can’t plug your smartphones anywhere to get more power, and your battery-powered flashlights stop working the moment the batteries go out.

This might sound bad, but it’ll show your children they need to think about energy efficiency. For example, having a good solar powered generator can power up various things including your smartphone, and it only uses the sun. Seeing the power of renewable energy can make things easier for your kids to understand.

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3. Next level camping

Sometimes, kids learn best from others their age or experts in the field. This is the reason letting your kids go to a camp that focuses on energy efficiency might be a great idea. They’ll be exposed to all the solar-powered tools out there, and they’ll learn why they’re so helpful.

The folks there are passionate about energy efficiency and will help your kids learn more about it. Your kids along with others will learn to expand their minds and consider what other things are possible. You never know what might happen. Maybe your kids will get inspired to take this emerging industry to the next level. Besides, camping is pretty fun, and now it can help prepare your kids for the future you know is coming sooner than later.

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4. Taking them to a museum

Museums are popping up around the nation and the world. These museums are there to help your kids understand the energy efficiency movement and what people are capable of. Your kids will not only learn about energy efficiency but will be able to ask an expert about how things work.

The technology around energy efficiency is pretty exciting because it continues to improve. Seeing the future happen right before your eyes can be exciting for you and your children. If an energy efficiency museum is a little far from you, then consider making a trip out of this, which makes things even more exciting since your kids haven’t been to this area before.

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5. Online energy efficiency class

There are online classes and videos made specifically for kids. If you know that your children are visual learners, then this might be a good solution. You might want to talk to them about this idea first to see if they’re willing to sit through some of these classes.

Your kids have to be excited about this. You want to pay attention to how your kids respond to the videos. If they’re not effective, then maybe you need to find some other online class. Children need to be taught by instructors they connect with. If that doesn’t happen, then you have to keep moving and find someone else. 

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Teaching your kids about energy efficiency can be easy with some of the aforementioned tips. Still, if you want some additional advice, talk to your children’s teacher to see if he or she has some additional pointers for you.

How to teach your kids about energy efficiency

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