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Find the perfect match. Hire a disability support worker.

Hire Up. Disability support workers who love what you love.

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Every disability is different and the people who suffer it too. Finding the perfect match for the person you love isn’t hard anymore thanks to HireUP. A platform that works with disabled people to find the right support worker.

Now you can hire a disability support worker that will really care and enjoy the time with you! Because it’s not about just getting someone to help with their everyday lives; it is about finding the right connection. 

Every great relationship works because people have something in common. They share the same interests, passions, and hobbies. And when we are talking about individuals with some disability this is not any different. Even more important, they need an extra dose of motivation and love.

And that’s why Hire Up has become so successful, as their system doesn’t only focus on matching the skills, qualifications, and experience (which is very important too) but goes even further: making from this platform, not just a business exchange, but a meeting of kindred spirits.

At the same time, it is quicker, more efficient and less costly.

Hire Up use a contractor-free model and the pricing is good for everyone. Users pay less, only for hours booked, and can know how much a shift will cost before booking it. Workers earn more, and the rates come in under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme); for instance, the app is compatible with all forms of disability support funding including the NDIS.

hireup wages rates comparative social workers

IMAGE Comparative of the hourly rate cost in other platforms.

Everyone is different, and so are their support needs. These are some of the services offered by Hire Up: home maintenance, personal care, education and employment, therapy support, in-home care, transport or high-need specialists.

If you are a support worker or a person with a disability, we encourage you to sign-up and contribute to the impact empowering other individuals life.

This is the achievement of Hire Up to date:

hireup brand impact infographic

The impact of HireUp has created over 4,700 connections to hire disability support workers, with over 370,000 hours of support. Even better, the Hireup users have saved $ 3,000,000.


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