Ethical scented candles, a spark of holistic aromas

Ethical luxury that holds true to ideals of integrity & fairness to other people & the environment

Whereas candles may seem aligned with a natural, green or eco-friendly way of living, their impact on the planet goes far beyond what we can imagine. With M&J London you will learn about a different way of producing and sourcing scented candles; ethical luxury with a minimal environmental impact. This brand brings you an alternative of sustainable and ethical scented candles, with flavours that will conjure your favourite memories of wonderful places and shared moments.

Studies have shown that of all our senses, the scent is the most powerful memory trigger. M&J London has created a collection of ethical scented candles inspired by travels around the world, a combination of places and seasons.

Scented candles is a mood and energy booster and there is a science of relaxation behind their usage. It enhances mental clarity and, if the candles are scented, it has a positive impact on your psychology producing a sense of calm and reducing the potential anxiety we may suffer in our stressful daily lives. If you combine the talent of candles with natural flavours, it can be a powerful trigger to bring light in very specific areas of your mindfulness.

The collection of M&J London candles carry more than scents. Stories that will take you back to that place – awakening emotions as if you were there. We introduce you to them with a (very) short version of these fairy-tales.

Andalusian romance

Orange Blossom & Jasmine

sustainable ethical scented candles Andalusian romance Orange Blossom & Jasmine

“The perfect evening to end a perfect day in the Mediterranean towns… the candle light flickered across her face as they dined in the courtyard and she said… “Yes!”

Autumn in New England

“Cranberry, Pumpkin & Maple Syrup

sustainable ethical scented candles Autumn in New England Cranberry, Pumpkin & Maple Syrup

“That time of year on the first morning we step outside into the chill to lose ourselves driving along winding country roads…”

Bavarian Winter

Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves & Blackcurrant

sustainable ethical scented candles Bavarian Winter Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves & Blackcurrant

“The sound of snow crunching underfoot as we arrived back in the village from our wintery woodland walk, and in the Markplatz, with a hot mug of glühwein in hand, we could finally feel our fingers again…”

Celtic Fire

Pine, Peat & Cedar

sustainable ethical scented candles Celtic Fire Pine, Peat & Cedar

“After a walk from the Mourne Mountains and cool green woods, that quiet-looking picture postcard pub in County Down. Once we shuffled through the wooden door into the dark, cozy space, the craic was in full swing…!”

El Capitan

Amber, Cedar & Rosewood

sustainable ethical scented candles Celtic Fire Pine, Peat & Cedar

“The sun reflecting off the stone of El Capitan rising majestically against the crisp California blue sky. Even surrounded by nature’s power and strength, the open road, nature’s might… you are free!”

English Summer

Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne

sustainable ethical scented candles English Summer Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry & Champagne

“Full of picnics and weddings and sundresses and weekend rambles to country pubs! There is the anticipation of popping a cool bottle of Champagne, of the warm sunshine and long evenings…”


Neroli, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang & Basil

sustainable ethical scented candles Larkin Neroli, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang & Basil

“Larkin embodies love, hope and yearning. Something intensely beautiful, and in equal parts both fragile and passionate. The skylark revels in its ability to transcend the earthly plain as it soars somewhere between heaven and earth…”

Left Bank Martini

Elderflower, Lemongrass, Gooseberry & Juniper

sustainable ethical scented candles Left Bank Martini Elderflower, Lemongrass, Gooseberry & Juniper

“The flirty fun you enjoyed on a weekend in Paris where everything is so hip and chic. The sweet mixed with some tang – romantic and edgy. Overlooking the banks of the Seine as the City of Lights settles into its evening rhythm…”


Karpuura, Tulsi & Rose

sustainable ethical scented candles Samadhi Karpuura, Tulsi & Rose

“Samadhi is the state of consciousness induced by complete meditation – where the mind becomes still. These fragrances conjure sanctuary and spiritual renewal.”

Sweet Beginnings

Lavender, Manuka Honey & Cocoa

sustainable ethical scented candles Sweet Beginnings Lavender, Manuka Honey & Cocoa

“The thrill of embarking on a new chapter in life – whether falling into a new love and discovering a new person or embarking on the adventure and excitement of moving to a new place…”


Pomegranate, Tarragon & Walnut

sustainable ethical scented candles Tbilisi Pomegranate, Tarragon & Walnut

“Wizened women sit outside their small shops, stringing together walnuts to be dipped in the sticky-sweet glaze… Ahead, above the groves of pomegranate trees, the castle Narikala stands tall, presiding over the city…”

Glass Cloche

Recycled Glass Cloche

sustainable ethical scented candles Recycled Glass Cloche M&J London

An exquisitely crafted recycled glass cloche, solving first world luxury candle problems. Use it to cover your M&J ethical scented candle in a dome of glass, to display it beautifully, concentrate its scent and protect it from dust.

Each of the scents is created by a perfumer, bringing the knowledge to develop bespoke blends of fragrances, combining essential oils and natural aroma compounds. The reason behind this formula is the dubious ethics of where essential oils are often sourced from.

Oh! Did you hear about candle “tunneling”? The founder Jennifer explains all you need to know about how to burn candles properly here.

A sustainable scented venture, supporting local businesses

In fact, the ethics and sustainability of M&J London scented candles are narrowed to each detail. The brand uses a lead-free wick made of linen and cotton, creating a clean-burning experience where you would only breath a lovely and healthy fragrance.

The wax is vegan-friendly, made from 100% rainforest safe soya, which is a renewable green resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. If that wasn’t good enough, soya wax does not stain, giving you a pain-free home environment.

sustainable ethical scented candles M&J London
Large candles take around 60 hours to burn, while small ones would burn in around 30 hours.


The glass containers are handcrafted and fully made out of recycled glass, with a beautiful shape that you would love to keep and up-cycle as a drinking tumbler. Realise that recycled glass tumblers cost four times as much as standard virgin manufactured glasses.

Same with the outer packaging, which is sourced right in the UK and naturally plant-based dyed and covered with water-based coatings. Furthermore, it is responsibly produced and certified by World Land Trust, an organisation that aims to ensure conservation of plants, animals and natural communities in areas at risk. With these credentials, M&J London proves that the boxes it’s been carbon footprint measured and calculated, and land will be purchased and preserved accordingly in endangered areas of natural forests.

Basically, this brand of ethical scented candles manufactures right in the UK, which not only reduced the carbon footprint but also provides jobs in the country.

Caption : support low-impact, locally-based businesses

The social face of M&J London ethical scented candles

Furthermore, M&J London supports a local women’s charity by giving £1 from each of the large scented candle and 50p from each of the small ones sold. Nia delivers cutting edge services to end violence against women and children.

We believe You have a choice in how you do business. And with good businesses like MJ London, you have a choice as a consumer. Jennifer McNabb

Give a personal touch of sophistication to your household, enjoy pure ethical luxury with these sustainable scented candles. What is your favourite aroma? Comment below!!

sustainable ethical scented candles M&J London

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