Fish friendly bamboo straws. Yourstraw.

The must have for travellers and sustainable lifestyle goers

Bamboo straws won’t leach toxins into your drink. They won’t choke our whales or get lodged in the nostril of a sea-turtle. They will make your juice, smoothie, coconut or cocktail look like it is wearing salty beach hair, a tropical tan and a lazy holiday grin. Wherever you go, Yourstraw! Oh… And DISCOUNT code available!

Successful stories always follow a moment of deep frustration and reflection. Social entrepreneurs are those who find the opportunities behind the biggest problems of humanity. And they try to solve them through a brand or a product that is made to high ethical standards. The mission of saving our oceans starts avoiding the use of plastic, and bamboo straws is a product that is definitely going to make a difference.

say no to single use plastic straws ocean contamination

This is exactly the kind of product that Liza and Robyn founded, two Australian girlfriends who decided to go sustainable. They say “we used to suck”!

And they still do!

But now they use bamboo straws instead of plastic straws.

Two years ago, Liza’s husband pulled a plastic straw from a fish’s stomach. A fresh-caught fish. As you can imagine their appetite was ruined that night. Ever since they the founders of Yourstraw are working on a mission: replacing toxic single-use plastic straws with reusable bamboo straws.

fresh fish plastic ocean contamination bali

Why is bamboo the most sustainable plant

Bamboo is a safe, natural alternative that doesn’t endanger marine life or pollute the environment. It’s indeed one of the most versatile and sustainable plants on Earth. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and produces 35% more oxygen than trees, helping to repair the environment. 

youstraw bamboo straw ethical sustainable discount

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial. In Bali, bamboo was traditionally used to cut the umbilical cord of a newborn. Yourstraw bamboo straws are deeply connected to this beautiful Indonesian island, as the product is 100% hand-crafted in Bali. They are biodegradable, dishwasher safe, chemical-free and create zero emissions. It’s a biodegradable renewable resource because when they’ve outlived their use, you can return them to the Earth. All natural. As nature intended.

Get a 10% discount for these wonderful bamboo straws using the code “PLASTICFREE

youstraw bamboo straw ethical sustainable discountHey but there’s more!! Yourstraw is fully committed to educating about environmental awareness. This sustainable brand donates 50% of their profits to schools’ education programs and community beach-clean ups. These two entrepreneurs are also gender-equality warriors and are already supporting and empowering other women in business by providing them with interest-free micro-loans.

The straws come in packs of 2, 4 and 8, each in its own carry-anywhere calico pouch 100% plastic-free packaging, perfect for travellers! Yourstraw kit also includes a stainless steel straw cleaner.

youstraw bamboo straw ethical sustainable discountDitch the plastic straw and buck the trend by carrying your bamboo straws with you. Use them as a talking point to encourage others to make positive changes in their everyday choices.

Get a 10% discount for these wonderful bamboo straws using the code “PLASTICFREE

do you suck bamboo yourstraw

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