The ethical fashion factory for sustainable “Made in London” brands

ApparelTASKER proves that slow fashion starts on the production

ApparelTASKER is the ethical fashion factory that while producing sustainable clothing, also takes the “Made in London” label as the city leading the change in slow fashion. Bespoke, high-quality and ethical garments that have control on all levels of the production.

Consumers are becoming smarter when purchasing their fashion. Slow fashion is hard to find, and even more, it is to purchase clothing that is not labelled “Made in China” or “Made in India”. We were quite surprised when we discovered ApparelTASKER, and we could not handle the urge to learn more about how an ethical fashion factory looks like!

Zack Sartor apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke

We had the chance to interview Zack, a leader of slow fashion in London. He started the ethical fashion factory and is proud to say that only works with suppliers who can provide an eco-friendly packaging, and controls the waste to a level where almost zero rejects of materials are left. Even more remarkable, their facilities work with renewable energy. If you are thinking of starting a clothing collection, we will highly recommend you to get in touch with ApparelTASKER, as the “happy team” will help you from any stage of the development.

Enjoy the interview as much as we did!

What was the tipping point of Apparel Tasker factory? How and why did it start?

I moved to London from Toronto 4 years ago looking for a position as a designer or a similar. After dozens of interviews, I realised that the market was flooded with designers, sample makers and tech. During one of these interviews, I was asked to do some freelance garment tech and sample work for a brand called ‘Hot squash’; this was ApparelTASKER’s first contract.

apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke slow

What is the mission of the brand?

ApparelTASKER produces high-quality garments for sustainable “Made in London” brands.  We execute small to medium-sized productions with the environment in mind.

What are your production standards, in regards to ethical, fair-trade production, and so on?

On a product level, our fabric is supplied to us by our vetted group of exclusive suppliers, mandatory eco-friendly packaging, waste management, fabric nesting and costing is done with the utmost care.

On a facility level, the building we are located in is eco-friendly, using recycled pellets and solar panels for heat/power, all of our equipment is set up on our energy-saving grid of motors to reduce and control usage.

On an environmental level, all of our staff is extremely well taken care of, paid fair wages and work in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke slow clothing

Are you pioneers in establishing a fashion factory in the UK, now where all the fashion seems to be outsourced to Asian countries?

We are one of very few pioneers still present. About 15 years ago most of the major manufacturers left the U.K. or were forced to close due to the high cost of production. Now a small group of manufactures are rebirthing this industry on high-value or sustainable garments.

What are all the benefits of bringing the fashion production to London, in this case to Apparel Tasker?

The main benefit to most of our clients is transparency and quality. Clients can see their garments being made and troubleshoot issues or changes in real-time leaving almost zero rejects or waste. Also, our central location proves useful for any visiting brands or brands headquartered in the UK and Europe. Not to mention the stamp of being ‘Made in the UK’ and furthermore ‘Made in London’.

apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke i made your clothes

If a fashion brand wants to produce in your factory, what do you require from them?

We can work from any stage of development, from a simple sketch to a full 8-page tech pack, or even a sample. However, we do ask clients to bring as much information as possible so we can have a clear understanding of their requirements. Preferably tech pack, pattern, fabric & trim. In that order.  

What sort of products can a brand produce at Apparel Tasker?

All soft goods, we do have a few exceptions such as suit jackets, wedding dresses, and children’s clothing.

What is the minimum quantity a brand needs to produce with you?

For production, our MOQ is 12 per style/per size (3 size minimum) for high-end garments, and 25 per style per size for basic apparel and athletic goods.

apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke slow

What are the quality standards you provide to your clients?

We always strive for the best quality, our stop/start method prevents any garment from moving to the next stage of assembly without our client’s approval.

Do you have any impact data worth sharing? That is good for the environment, for the people, for the brands.

We are currently building an overall Quarterly report starting in August of our full eco and sustainable impact. We are still tracking a few of our large clients to ensure they stay compliant over there production period with us.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

Convincing clients of change over profits, in regards to switching to our eco-friendly systems.

“My biggest challenge has been convincing clients of change over profits, in regards to switching to our eco-friendly systems.” @appareltasker #slowfastion #ethicalfashion Click To Tweet

Do offer the production to fashion brands worldwide?

Yes, we mostly produce for clients in England and Europe, however, we have a small roster of clients from the Middle East and the USA.

Are you open to other partnerships with businesses that are aligned with your values?

Exclusively, we have made the switch to only taking new orders and clients they are aligned with our company policy.

apparel tasker ethical fashion factory bespoke slow clothing

What is your vision, how do you see Apparel Tasker evolving in the next 5 to 10 years?

We are currently working to open another location in Milan fall of 2018, focused on similar principles and values.

If you could write a message for other social entrepreneurs on a big wall, what would it say?

Be the change you want to see. 

Be the change you want to see. @appareltasker #ethicalfashion #slowfashion Click To Tweet

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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