5 Ways to be more sustainable to your bedtime habits

Eco-friendly sleeping is also a thing!

Many of us don’t think bedtime can also be sustainable, yet eco-friendly sleeping can have a massive impact on our health and comfort. We spend almost half of our lives in bed, so do you reckon is time to green-it-up?

When you ask people about green living and what they could do to make their own lifestyles eco-friendlier, most will stick to the obvious, although worthwhile solutions that include water conservation, composting, and ditching plastic. Then there are the fashionistas and foodies that will strive to steer clear of fast fashion brands, and those who will cut meat from their diets, or at least stick to those meatless Mondays. What about your sleep routine and all those rituals that support your healthy sleep? 

There are several key ways in which you can boost not just the quality of your sleep, but also make sure that this aspect of your life is as sustainable as possible. Let’s take a look at several sleep rituals as well as brands that make those rituals greener!

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Going to the eco-friendly mattresses 

In this case, you can finally go to the mattresses on unsustainable, poor-quality mattresses. More eco-conscious companies now exist that aim to shorten the supply chain, keep their work locally, while they also stay mindful of the fabrics and materials they choose to create the final product. Reducing their carbon footprint one comfortable mattress at a time, brands the likes of Avocado Green Mattress stay true to their policy of keeping their businesses local. 

Of course, another feature to keep in mind when you’re choosing the perfect mattress for your bed is the level of recyclability. Depending on the materials used and the business in questions, certain mattresses can be fully recycled – but it’s up to you to send it to the people who specialize in the field, so that your particular mattress doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere, despite its recyclable fabrics. 

ecofriendly sleeping and sustainable bedtime habits

Sleepwear with a green twist

As proud as you are of your fashion collection reserved for the office, the cocktail parties, and the many casual coffee dates with your besties, your bed should also have its own sustainable collection of wearables that ensure you can rest easy, so to speak. Plus, there’s no reason not to pamper yourself with lush garments that are as sustainable as they are sensual. Look into sustainable silk sleepwear that is made of the most skin-friendly fabrics, but also made to last long, and with the planet in mind.

In addition to learning about the most optimal fabrics such as eco-consciously grown and harvested silk and organic cotton, you should look for specific certifications that recognize sleepwear brands for their sustainability efforts. 

ecofriendly sleeping and sustainable bedtime habits

Pick your eco-friendly pillows wisely

Now that you’ve taken care of your mattress and your wearables, why not choose pillows that are equally beautiful, durable, and that go with your green lifestyle preferences? When we choose pillows that are of poor quality and that are made of toxic, harmful materials and have a vast carbon footprint, we’re jeopardizing our own health and we’ll be forced to buy new pillows more frequently.

Instead, stick to pillows made of 100% cotton that provides proper neck and head support, that are preferably locally made, and that use recyclable and biodegradable materials exclusively. For an even better experience, there are pillow brands that make their products vegan, hypoallergenic, and that use mite-resistant design and fabrics. 

ecofriendly sleeping and sustainable bedtime habits

Eco-friendly bedding

Find brands that specialize in making eco-conscious bedding, in the spirit of transforming your entire sleeping environment with Mother Nature in mind. Some brands such as Gryphon will go out of their way to show you their reduced impact, so they’ll even quantify their efforts to help you get a better grasp of how they’re making a difference. They, for example, are preserving close to 52 million gallons of water annually in their production process. 

Another way to look after our world is to purchase bedding that is made with no harm to animals and other life, and made by brands that implement fair trade practices as well. A little research can help you find the best option for your home, and luckily, the world is slowly becoming richer with brands that aim to preserve our environment.

ecofriendly sleeping and sustainable bedtime habits

Planet-perfect sleep masks

Most will end their quest at the bedding. However, you can take your environmental efforts a step further and choose your accessories with equal care to stay mindful of the environment as well as your own sleeping needs. 

Start with eco-friendly sleep masks that are made of sustainable materials such as cotton or eco wool,  and that is designed to last for years, not months. In case you have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies, wearing an eco-friendly eye mask can be extra beneficial for you, since these will not cause any irritation or damage to your sensitive skin around the eyes.

Anything in our lives can be more sustainable when we find ways to change. Use these tips to green up your sleep, all the while improving the quality of your rest and you’ll be able to add a new layer of purpose to your life and serve as an example to those around you on all the ways they can make a difference, as well!

Have you switched to a more eco-friendly sleeping yet? What are your basics for bedtime? Share on the comments below!

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