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All households want to keep their drains running clearly, but if you live in an eco-friendly household, what options do you have when your drain is clogged? Most commercially available drain unblockers contain harmful chemicals, and are best avoided.

All households want to keep their drains running clearly, but if you live in an eco-friendly household, what options do you have when your drain is clogged? Most commercially available drain unblockers contain harmful chemicals, and are best avoided.

Blocked drains are a hindrance around the home, and can cause significant problems. Left unchecked, clogged drains can cause health problems in a household. In some cases, a blocked septic tank leads to carbon dioxide build-ups, creating bigger issues in a home.

Read on to find green drain cleaner solutions.

What clogs a drain?

Knowing what clogs a sink drain helps you avoid this problem, and prevention is always more effective than the cure. Be sure to look out for these items which clog kitchen sinks:

  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Food debris, such as coffee ground
  • Soap
  • Organic waste

There are also items which clog a shower drain such as hair, soap, plastics and the buildups of other bathroom debris. Hair is a particular issue with bathrooms, so be on the lookout for loose hair. If you can see hair around the plughole, tweezers can help remove it before it becomes an issue.

Soda and vinegar can also dissolve hair, ensuring your showers and bath are clean for when you next wash.

Signs of a blocked drain?

Some signs of a blocked drain include:

  • Standing water around the sink or plughole
  • Black slime in your sink
  • Slow water drain
  • Gurgling sounds from your drain
  • Issues when you flush

If you see or hear any of these issues, you should check out the problem, and you might need a drain cleaner.

How do you unclog a drain naturally?

There are many environmentally pleasing ways to unclog a drain, and you can create a mixture of:

1/2 cup baking soda (or sodium hydroxide)

1/2 cup of white vinegar

Slowly pour down the drain, and leave the mixture for 30 minutes before running hot water down the drain.

Another method is to use hot water and lemon juice as a drain cleaner.

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Find the drain cleaner which is best for you

If you have a slow draining sink, there are a few things you can do to speed it up without resorting to caustic chemicals. One green way to help a slow drain is by pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain, then following it with a cup of cold water.

Doing this once a week will help keep your drain running clear.

You can also try using a plunger to unclog your sink or shower drain. Plungers work by creating a seal around the drain and then using air pressure to push the clog through.

If you are removing waste from a sink or tub, have a bucket and bin bags to collect waste. Most people forget this, and end up with another mess to clear!

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Will natural unblocking solutions damage your pipes?

No, in general, environmentally-friendly unblocking solutions will not damage your pipes. In fact, they can actually help to clean and protect them from build-up. Green drain unblockers are a great way to keep your drains clear without harming the environment.

Natural solutions are safe for you and your family, and will not damage your pipes. Environmentally friendly drain unblockers are also much less expensive than commercial cleaners, and can be just as effective.

Can too much baking soda clog a drain?

However, it is important to note the use of some products might cause problems in your pipes and drains. Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent and will not damage your pipes, but if you use too much caustic soda, it can clump together, creating a blockage.

This is why it is best to follow instructions when using this substance, which usually suggests a half cup at a time.

Be careful when you pour boiling water as a drain cleaner

While hot water is regularly cited as a great way to unblock drains, you should be careful when you pour boiling water directly down a sink or drain.

If the pipes in your house are PVC and the boiling water moves through them slowly, they can cause the pipes to warp. If there is a blockage, water is more likely to move slowly, so this isn’t uncommon.

Therefore, homeowners should be cautious about using boiling water to unblock a drain, sink or pipe at home.

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Can you buy eco-friendly drain cleaners?

Given the demand for green products, it is no surprise there is a wide range of drain cleaners which are effective without containing harsh chemicals. You’ll find these bottle products online, and in many large supermarkets or hardware stores.

When looking at drain cleaner products, be sure to read the ingredients. Many drain cleaners have enzymes, harsh chemicals or acid, and many of these nasty chemicals cause a chemical reaction in your pipe and drains, or on your skin if it comes into contact.

Acid can break or dissolve waste, but it might have a negative effect on your tub, sink, drain or home.

Household items can remove grease

If you are unsure of a drain cleaner, look for more details, or avoid that product. Buying an environmentally friendly drain cleaner isn’t always worthwhile, but if it’s something which matters to you, you can find drain cleaner solutions which fit with your lifestyle.

Also, don’t forget many commercial cleaning products consist of ingredients like vinegar or soda which you might already have at home and can pour in a sink to break grease or unclog sinks.

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Can I hire a plumbing professional to deal with clogged drains?

Another option to consider is hiring a plumber to undertake the cleaning and clearing process when you have a blocked drain.

With a wide range of specialist tools, drainage experts can remove blockages without the use of chemicals, leaving you confident about caring for the environment while taking care of your property.

Keeping drains clean is often a difficult task, but you can be environmentally friendly when you do so. From sodium hydroxide and vinegar to plungers, there are many ways to release clogs and ensure your sinks are in excellent condition.

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