5 Natural ways of organic pest control

Eco-friendly pest control solutions for your home

Pest control isn’t just about comfort. Mosquitoes spread malaria. Rats spread the black plague through their fleas. Rabbits also spread a derivative of the black plague, believe it or not; and that likely also owing to six-legged bloodsuckers like fleas. Then there are raccoons, woodpeckers, spiders, ants, and termites—pests are everywhere, and can damage property as much as health. Here we share with you 5 natural ways of organic pest control.

The truth is, modern health has a lot more to do with modern infrastructure than modern medicine. Clean water, clean waste disposal, and better maintenance reduce disease-ridden pests and vermin. But in case it’s too late, here are a few natural ways of organic pest control.

In turn, society is more healthy. But You’ve got to be proactive. If you’re going to protect your home, assets, and family, you’ve got to know how to deal with these threats. Unfortunately, many methods of pest control involve tactics that aren’t friendly to the environment. 

Following we’ll cover five ways to get rid of pests that don’t require toxic chemicals or otherwise impacting methods. You don’t need to kill a fly with a sledgehammer–that’s bad for your furniture, walls, and upholstery. Sticky paper is better, but that can be toxic, too. However, a non-toxic mix could work. Solutions like these will be explored.

1. Essential Oils For Mosquitoes

Citronella and peppermint drive away mosquitoes. You can burn these essential oils in lamps, or you can rub them on your body; whatever best fits your preferences. Either way, essential oils are a much better natural repellant than many bug sprays. 

Also, ensure you get rid of standing water if you’ve got a mosquito issue; that’s where they lay their eggs. Be especially careful to exercise natural mosquito repellent methods at dusk and dawn. These are small bugs, a big breeze will sap their energy. They tend to be most active at dawn and dusk when the wind is low.

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2. Natural Rodent Assassins: Cats

This one’s pretty simple and straightforward: if you’ve got a mouse problem, or there are rats on your property, get a couple of cats. This is thought to be the primary reason cats and people became allies in the first place; though there are many schools of thought on that. Regardless, cats were made to destroy rodents.

Something else to consider is how intelligent rodents actually are. People didn’t think rats were as smart as they are, but it turns out these little vermin are pretty clever and communicative. Also, they’re full of disease. Rats continually drip urine as they travel, leaving a trail you can see with a UV light–that’s how many pest control pros find them.

You don’t want those little trails all around your home, they spread disease and you don’t even realize it. A cat can smell what you can’t see, find the vermin, and take pleasure in destroying it. Plus, you get a pet out of the deal. So long as you’re not allergic to cats, this is a fine solution.

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3. Vinegar, Sticky Paper, And Mint For Spiders

If you’ve got a strong immune system, it can help defer some of the effects of a snake or spider venom which can seriously impact your health. Spiders and snakes can bite you in a way that nearly ends your residence in this corporeal realm. 

Even non-lethal arachnids have a painful bite, and you don’t want to find yourself at their arachnid mercy. The thing is, not everyone has a strong enough immune system to avoid venom from these creatures. As good as spiders are to pests like ants or mosquitoes (they’re like eight-legged bug-like cats!), these creepy-crawlies aren’t pets. 

To help diminish spider populations, you want to start by trafficking these miniature monsters. Put vinegar or peppermint in spider webs and doorways, and determine how many are in your house. Nocturnal spiders like house spiders and brown recluse spiders have a tendency to travel throughout a home in the wee hours hunting insects.

They’ll often cross the door jambs, if you put some essential oils or vinegar down, this can stop them. Also, use sticky paper from a honey mixture to trap them. The endpoint you direct spiders to with mint and vinegar is the honeyed paper. In the morning, you should have captured a few spiders. Keep at it, you’ll get their population down.

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4. Steel Wool Is Hated By Many Types Of Vermin

Steel wool is to vermin what nails and chalkboards are to people. If you’ve got mouse holes, stuff steel wool in them. The mice will be unable to proceed through those particular holes, and likely have to seek entry elsewhere, or find new feeding grounds. Steel wool and some cats can effectively neutralize your mouse problem.

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5. Ladybugs In Your Garden Eat Annoying Aphids

So you’ve just done some serious landscaping and installed a new garden, but now all your plants are being eaten by aphids. What do you do? Well, ladybugs are to aphids what cats are to mice, or spiders to flies and mosquitoes. 

There’s nothing ladylike about a ladybug in the middle of an aphid binge. It’s good for them, and it’s good for your garden to use ladybugs as natural pest control. You might use these beetles indoors, too; but be careful. Primarily this is an outdoor strategy.

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Keep Your Property Naturally Pest Free Continuously

Refer to the following site for more natural ways to get rid of insects and pests in your home. You’re likely going to experience some sort of pest intrusion at some point during your residence in whatever structure you call home. If you know how to deal with them in advance, you’ll be able to save time and resources, as well as be a good steward of the environment. 

What other natural techniques ways of organic pest control? Share it with us all in the comments below!

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