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The guide to go plastic-free this July & all the year round!

The top 80 tips to live & produce brands with less plastic without getting overwhelmed

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Thrilled to announce that we have published our first guide to go plastic-free this July – and all the year round! This is highly recommendable for everyone who wishes to reduce the incredible amount of waste we produce but without having to change your lifestyle radically. The eBook consists of 80 tips, which is also helpful for those brands that need more sustainable options for their packaging & merchandising.

Taking part in the Plastic Free July challenge means an attempt to reduce your plastic consumption for July. However, as you will soon understand through reading this ebook, cutting plastic is about creating a habit. Science has demonstrated that we need 21 days of repetitive actions to implement new habits in our lives. Most of us starting our Plastic Free July challenge today will carry on a chain of successful plastic-free events.


This is probably the largest and most interactive guide to go plastic-free ever published.

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Oh! And you may find some discounts. Ready?

Download now the full Guide of 80 Tips on How to go plastic-free here!

Promise we only deliver contents in a fun & inspiring way!brand featured ebook guide go plastic free july

Thank you for taking a step towards making the world a better place!

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