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Customisable eco-friendly packaging for your brand: better design, more protection

More protection doesn’t mean less green if it’s cornstarch based packaging

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This eco-friendly packaging is as great for your products as it is for plant food, to start a barbeque or to melt safely down the drain. The performance of Green Cell Foam could be even better than the petroleum-based foams or packaging, especially because it is highly customisable to design and size, shaping to the products that it needs to protect. Best thing? It requires 70% less energy and produces 80% fewer greenhouse gases. No excuses for your business to operate more sustainably!

The amount of waste created by businesses’ activity is huge, especially when it comes to logistics and packaging. Generally, eco-friendly packaging can cost a bit more, but in terms of sustainability, it does scale to a larger impact benefiting the environment. Not to say how much you can impress your clients, as your products are delivered more safely and with a formidable design.

The primary material used for the Green Cell Foam is a non-GMO cornstarch, which is grown in the U.S. and is a renewable plant-based source. The goal is to replace polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane (PU) and polyethene (PE) in single-use packaging.

Because the packaging is cornstarch based, it is great to compost, we all can do it right in our backyard or on a commercial compost facility. Green Cell Foam packaging will biodegrade in under 60 days.

But wait there is more! You can now encourage your clients to give to the packaging further use. For the larger pieces, it is recommendable to dissolve them into a bucket of water overnight and use the mixture in your garden, being a great source of food for your plants! There is also the option to melt the smaller pieces under the sink, as it also biodegrades in seawater.

If you can’t believe innovation like this is possible, watch this video:

For barbeque lovers, burn the Green Cell Foam; it is clean and safe, also for fireplaces, firepits and power plants.

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High-quality customisable protection

The packaging is great for those products that require thermal insulating or shock absorbance.

From automotive or electronics companies to pharmaceutical or even the food industry, many businesses have successfully integrated this eco-friendly packaging preventing over 3 million polystyrene foam coolers from filling landfills across the country.

No matter how big or small you product size is, whether you are shipping 2, 3 or 6 bottles of wine, or a skincare product, Green Cell Foam is great in customising the design to your exact needs, shaping to the products that it needs to protect. They manufacture in-house, and no initial tooling costs will apply, which makes modifying or changing sizes really easy.

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Aside of offering the wished display, it is naturally anti-static – making it safe for electronics and other sensitive products like technology, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, perishable foods – frozen meats, desserts, soups, chocolate, pet food, automotive or construction items… these are just a few of the materials that can be safely packaged in the Green Cell Foam.

Get in touch with them and order a quote for your product needs. Here are some of the beautiful packaging they can design, test and manufacture for you!

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Manufacturing Green Cell Foam than petroleum-based foams. helping to reduce Greenhouse Gases, landfill disposals, reliance on fossil fuels & more. Need more data? Check out how this eco-friendly packaging can perform for your business!

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