Top green business trends to embrace now

A quick guide for businesses to become more sustainable

Brands are urged to adopt more sustainable practices, and it is easy with these top green trends that can get you started from today!

There’s never been a better time to improve your business’ sustainability practices and find ways you can minimize its impact on the planet. 

It’s what increasing customers are looking for in the products they buy, the services they use and the companies they choose to be loyal to. Therefore, if you want to attract new customers, improve your brand image, make a difference to the planet and save yourself money, it’s worth following the latest green business trends and considering whether you can adopt them too. 

Here are the four main eco-friendly or green business trends you need to know about. 

1. Shipping container conversions

Although shipping containers have been used for many years for tiny home construction, businesses have recently started to catch on to the fact that they’re very inexpensive, easy to adapt, and a great way to expand to new premises or even launch a whole new business. 

Most importantly, they also help reduce the ecological footprint of the often- highly polluting construction process. If you choose a used shipping container, you’ll be helping to breathe new life into the container and keep it out of the landfill. 

Part of the appeal is the fact that they are highly versatile and can be converted to just about any business requirements without breaking the bank. 

As shipping container suppliers S Jones Containers say, “One of the best things about shipping containers is that you can adapt them for almost any situation…they can be customized to create the space that suits you, and they can be classified as a temporary structure and placed in a number of different locations that fit your needs.

Top green trends for businesses to embrace now

2. Zero Waste 

Recycling has become increasingly popular for businesses over the last few decades. But recently this has gone one step further with the growth of the ‘zero waste’ trend. 

As you’d expect, ‘zero waste’ means that companies become as sustainable as possible and avoid creating any kind of waste in their business. Instead of throwing items away, they reuse them, recycle them, or even donate items to charity and by doing so, reduce their impact on the planet and also reduce costs. 

Many leading UK businesses have taken this approach which led to a much-needed surge in supermarkets donating their leftover food to food banks or homeless charities so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. Others now encourage their staff to bring in reusable mugs, water bottles, and other items to avoid using single-use plastics and therefore reduce their impact on the environment. Some have taken a broader approach and looked at ways they can implement a zero-waste approach in all aspects of their businesses, whatever the industry. 

If this sounds overwhelming, take heart. As Matthew S. Hollis from Waste Dive says, “While “zero waste” is not a new concept, many business owners misunderstand the approach to be “all or nothing.” In reality, it can be a gradual, slow, imperfect process. 

Even the smallest of steps can soon lead to the biggest differences. Start by monitoring your existing waste, find ways to reduce it by composting, recycling, not printing documents, thinking twice about purchases, etc. Step by step, you will create a greener, more eco-conscious business. 

ReCircle Crowdcube recycling zero waste closed loop circular economy

3. Green energy 

British businesses are also leading the way when it comes to making the switch to renewable energy. 

According to business energy management solutions providers, Exchange Utility, “Some businesses have even gone as far as to make a public commitment to becoming 100% renewable in order to aid the UK in reaching testing climate change targets and save their business from impending energy poverty.” 

These changes aren’t only being implemented by larger businesses such as Tesco, BT, and Sky, but also small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The great news is that it’s easier than ever to make the switch with companies like Ecotricity, Octopus, Tonik Energy and Bulb offering renewable energy and frack-free green gas, many of whom reinvest in ethical projects such as sustainability tech. 

4. Eco-friendly website hosting

Did you know that computer servers contribute significantly to climate change, using huge amounts of energy to run and cool? 

“Data centers may have tens of thousands of high-powered computers, most of these with permanently high CPU and drive usage, generating so much heat that the provider will usually need a massive cooling system to keep temperatures manageable,” says Tech Experts, Tech Radar.

That’s why numerous businesses across the world are making the shift to ethical hosts such as EcoHosting and Green Hosting. Many are carbon-neutral, use renewable energy, run solid recycling and sustainability schemes, support projects in disadvantaged countries and get involved in green initiatives such as tree planting. 

But more than that- they also offer a reliable service so you know that your website and data are in safe hands. 


It’s more important than ever for our businesses to make the switch towards more eco-friendly practices, however big or small. Why not consider making some of these changes in your own business today and help the world to become a cleaner, greener place? 

Top green trends for businesses to embrace now

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