Rockwell and smart shave | Back to classics with this zero waste razor

Re-engineered grooming and safe shaving or hair removal for men & women!

Rockwell zero waste razor products men

Shaving, reinvented. It could only be with an irritation-free and lifetime lasting razor. At the fraction of the cost of a cartridge razor, you can also reduce the plastic footprint with Rockwell, offering a variety of zero waste razors for a more natural shaving, hair removal as well as beard products. Simple design, great finish, efficiency and build to last. Ready for the best shaving experience EVER?

About 2 billion cartridge razors are thrown away every year only in the US. And guess what? These are non-recyclable, making their way to the landfill as soon as they hit your bin (not to mention the plastic packaging waste)! Rockwell instead, offers quality zero waste razors with blades that are recyclable. The full stop to pointless fads, impermanence and short-term thinking.

Rockwell zero waste razor products menRockwell zero waste razor stainless steel sustainable

But when it comes to convenience, we cannot really say that men shaving or women hair removal routines are pain-free: they often involve cuts, bumps, ingrown hairs or general discomfort from blades that tug and pull. Unbelievably, after 100 years and hundreds of hours of extreme engineering, Rockwell safety razors have fixed and re-discovered shaving, putting an end to the shaving and hair removal problems that have tormented men and women ever since.

Rockwell zero waste razors have come up with a patented adjustable single-blade system. WHY SINGLE BLADE RAZOR?! Basically, because multiple blades pull the hairs and cut them below skin level which is the real cause of irritation and ingrown hairs. No gimmick features such as rotating balls, vibrating handles or lube strips of the overpriced cartridge razors will eliminate razor burn & ingrown hairs. The promise of Rockwell razors is clear: the most comfortable shave of your life (during and after).

Rockwell zero waste razor products menRockwell zero waste razor stainless steel sustainable men shave products

The perfect shave for any skin & hair type

While all other razors pretend that everyone’s skin and facial hair is the same, Rockwell’s zero waste razors literally shave off the myths around that with science, developing the right adjustable shave settings that work for you.

The double-edge safety razors will guarantee to find the right shape for your skin and facial or body hair, making it (extremely!) comfortable and easy to use.

Rockwell zero waste razor products menRockwell zero waste razor stainless steel parts

Rockwell gives you the freedom to adjust the angle of the blade, and the comfort and closeness of your shave. The number displayed on the bottom of your assembled razor is the size you’re shaving with.

The razor, a single blade, you – and groom like a boss (we mean it)!

Rockwell razors range

All Rockwell razors are made out of a combination of stainless steel, chrome and gunmetal, and promise great quality and lifetime warranty (so, the best zero waste razor option)! There are slight differences between each razor that we have checked out for you! OH, and each blade replacement will only cost you 12 cents!

Rockwell zero waste razor comparative products

ROCKWELL 6S – ADJUSTABLE STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY RAZOR (509 reviews 5 stars). The Holy Grail of shaving providing six levels of adjustability, to ensure you can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of the shave. This high-end razor combines revolutionary precision-engineered blade angles and patented adjustability. Comes with 5 Rockwell Double-Edge Razor Blades.

Rockwell zero waste razor instructions adjust

ROCKWELL 6C – DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR  (536 reviews 5 stars). Prevents cuts, ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. Also with patented 6 levels of shaving freedom and available in classic White Chrome and striking Gunmetal finishes.

ROCKWELL 2C – DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR (85 reviews 5 stars). A great beginner classic razor, as it still adjusts to your skin type and stubble length, so you get a close, comfortable shave at an affordable budget. Includes Rockwell sizes 1 and 3 – the most popular settings.

Rockwell zero waste razor products reviews

All Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

So, are you ready for the best shave in your life?!

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