Capturing the spirit of Africa in this premium award-winning handcrafted dry gin

When a gin can support elephant conservation, wildlife education and local craftsmanship

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury botanical ingredients africaLuxury has never been so positive. This time it comes in form of a premium handcrafted dry gin, made with carefully selected ingredients that capture the spirit and adventures of Africa. The powerful aromas embody the beauty and strength of the elephants. Whether you are a wildlife venturer or an urban explorer, you will enjoy this superb gin while contributing to the preservation of one of the most incredible beauties on this planet: the elephants.

This African-inspired premium handcrafted gin was inspired by Tessa and Robin Gerlach, who visited various countries in Africa and decided to capture the magical African spirit they felt there. Volunteering at and meeting wildlife conservation foundations made them realise that they wanted to get involved. They are now working towards the protection and care of elephants to make sure that future generations will also be able to see these magnificent landscapes and creatures.

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury Africa foundations
Image: sundowner. Credit: Jeremy Goss

Not just the preservation piece, but the idea for an African-inspired gin evolved while revoking the so-called ‘sundowner’ drinks after a day out in the South African bush. These sunset cocktails are a big tradition in South Africa – and more often than not, they consist of a gin&tonic.

The design of the bottles is created to represent the different Elephant species. From the strongest and most impressive elephants in South Africa to the orphaned baby elephants fostered by Elephant Gin.

A handcrafted Dry Gin with African tase & German Quality

Elephant Gin produces a premium handcrafted dry gin products made with rare African botanicals, such as Buchu, Baobab and Devil’s Claw. Overall, 14 botanicals including rare African ingredients that haven’t been used in gin-making before. Special, limited and vintage editions are focused on artisan production methods.

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury botanical ingredients africa

All ingredients are hand-selected, to limit any impurities and ensure to only use the highest quality ingredients. The bottles are custom-made, the labels hand-written and the production controlled by working in small batches. Even the cork is sourced sustainably from Portugal.

With these high-quality production standards, there is no wonder Elephant Gin has earned 17 worldwide recognised awards. These include many categories in World Spirit Awards, International Spirit Challenge, The Spirit Business, IWSC and Positive Luxury.

infographic Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury Africa foundations awards

A massive contribution to elephant preservation

With every full-size bottle sold, Elephant Gin contributes 15% of profits to two African elephant foundations: Big Life Foundation in Kenya and Space for Elephants Foundations in South Africa. The aim is to support the protection of the African elephant against poaching and limit human-wildlife conflict.

The brand also contributes to invest in an education centre to allow local communities to learn about the wildlife around them and create employment opportunities providing alternative income (as opposed to earning money by trading on the black market). At the education centre, locals can sell their handcrafts at market stalls or work at the elephant dung paper making stations.

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin Africa Big Life foundations

On the other hand, each of the miniature bottles bears the name of one of the 21 elephants that Elephant Gin is currently a foster-parent of. These are great success stories to tell and highlight the wonderful work of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an elephant orphanage near Nairobi where they work rehabilitating orphaned baby elephants into the wild. The 15% of the profits of each bottle goes to various direct associated costs including specialist care, proper nutrition, veterinary care & treatment, medications, keepers’ salaries and a well-constructed and maintained stockade for housing.

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin Africa Big Life foundations
Photo credit: Big Life Foundation

Last but not least, Elephant Gin is also supporting local craftsmanship by working with Kenyan beaders to decorate the Sloe Gin bottles and leather-men from South Africa for their Elephant Gin traveller bags.

Over 350,000 € donated!

Up to date, Elephant Gin has contributed over EUR 350,000 to its partner foundations through the sales of its bottles as well as fundraising events. The brand is been awarded a Butterly Mark by Positive Luxury for their commitment to positive actions towards people and planet.

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury Africa foundations
Photo credit: Shaun Mousley

The team of Elephant Gin keeps working closely with the foundations, ensuring that the donations arrive on the ground contributing to select projects. They visit regularly the foundations to keep up to date on the progress and developments… of course, not without a sundowner gin cocktail to finish the day!

To learn in more depth about their aromas, taste, distillation, strength and all the elephant power we highly recommend to take an adventure to their website. Cheers!

Elephant Gin handcrafted Dry Gin positive luxury Africa foundations
Credit: Shaun Mousley

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