Wize Monkey upcycling coffee leaves for an award-winning tea

Coffee leaf tea reducing waste for a delicious, ultra-smooth, light in caffeine brew 

In this podcast at The Disruptors for Good podcast, Grant speaks with Max Rivest, the Co-founder, and CEO of Wize Monkey. By using the leaves of the coffee plant in the off-season that are typically discarded, the business generates year-round jobs for growers

Yes, this tea is made out of coffee leaves, not coffee. Coffee leaves have been consumed for hundreds of years around the world for various health applications. Founders realized that coffee beans are harvested for 3 months a year, for 9 months of leaves that farmers would not make any income for. Wize Monkey goes to Nicaragua to create 1,000 year-round jobs in coffee farms, eliminate seasonal hunger in coffee communities and boost rural education and student retention.

Having a Bachelor’s in International Sustainable Development and a Master’s in International Business, Max’s personal goal is to set a new standard in the tea and coffee industries for transparency and straight-forward communications. He is most excited about the opportunity to revolutionize the coffee industry for the better and give back to the cultures and people that have provided so many great experiences.

@WizeMonkey is tea is made out of coffee leaves, not coffee. Founders realized that coffee beans are harvested during 3 months/year, for 9 months farmers would not make any income for. Today the brand has eliminated seasonal hunger… Click To Tweet

wize monkey upcycling coffee leaves tea

Some of their accolades include World Tea Expo ‘Best New Product’, ‘Best Mission-Driven Business’ NEXTY Award, and multiple nominations for innovation awards. 

wize monkey upcycling coffee leaves tea

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