The best Martech stack for sustainable brands in 2022

The tools you need to grow your eco + social enterprise

When running a business, the truth is that tools can make our life a little easier. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have managed to built a team around your sustainable brand, here are some great tools that will help you grow with impact!

Marketers are always looking for the perfect tools that would help them communicate better with their target customers. Marketing technology stacks, or Martech, is a collection of these digital tools that would optimize a company’s marketing and promotional activities. It could then be easy to say that a business must find the right solution to achieve a higher success rate.

Although Martech stacks are not a one-size-fits-all solution, specific categories of digital tools could benefit any business. For brands and companies that are making more sustainable and eco-friendly choices in 2022, some of the best Martech stacks include: 

1. Management Martech

The executive team of any business could use some assistance for the day-to-day management of activities. Applications like digital asset management could streamline how data is managed throughout the company. There are many ways to apply the technology, and finding the right fit could be more manageable when consulting professionals who can explain how it can be used.

Video calling applications have made it possible for management to check in with each department, even when working remotely. In recent months, many business meetings for marketing and sales have been taking place via this handy tool.

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2. Marketing & Promotions Martech

Keeping track of marketing campaigns and promotional material could be challenging, especially if the volume of information becomes overwhelming.

Having an excellent digital platform that could provide feedback in terms of the success of each campaign could make marketing a breeze. Reports generated by the software could be forwarded to executives to show the progress made in this department.

In addition, customers can receive personalized emails and other marketing material which could nudge them towards that purchase every company hopes for.

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3. Customer Experience Martech

Without customers, companies would not be able to thrive. For many businesses, the experience their customers have is a top priority and one of the secrets to their success.

Ensuring that customers remain happy with the service they receive should be tracked by one of the digital tools in your Martech stack so the data can be used for improvement. New trends in customer experience can be noted, and the executives would have a good idea of where their business stands in terms of performance.

Customer Relation Management (CRM) software could be incorporated to note customer contact, sales, queries, and other forms of feedback received from the customer. Increased communication with customers in a chatbot could build the customer base and provide fast and efficient service.

For businesses that need organisational tools, you can speed up the sales process when using freebies available from tech companies. You basically don’t need to figure it all out and use a create a quote template instead!

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4. Social Media Martech

With a wide variety of social media platforms available, it could become an enormous task to manually upload content to all of them. 

Having a digital solution for this as part of the Martech stack could open new possibilities for mass marketing. Digital tools that could assist the marketing team in uploading content on various platforms at once would improve productivity while creating a sustainable social media presence.

Many current solutions include automated sending, content management, and analytics as part of the package. All of these could be linked to the CRM system for greater efficiency.

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5. Sales & Transactions Martech

Financial applications have been implemented in many forms and with different functions. Companies usually choose the solution that would suit their size and needs.

Incorporating a financial solution that would include the latest sales figures while keeping tabs on company spending would make the task easier. For the sales team, lead generation would be an essential function as they would constantly strive to bring in more business in the form of new customers.

Clients are looking for a pleasant and more authentic shopping experience. The information gathered using such digital applications could have executives monitoring each of their services or products’ engagement and adjust strategies according to this information.

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6. Data Collection Martech

Customer information should be kept safe and secure for the company’s use only. Using a cloud-based solution with high security would be the best choice.

Not only does cloud access make it possible for all employees to get hold of the necessary information, but it also gives clients the peace of mind that their details are protected. Automatically collecting information from website visitors and turning it into usable data for different departments could change the way business is conducted.

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Stacking It Up

When looking for Martech stack solutions, companies should evaluate their operations and find the shortfalls they would like to cover with digital tools. Making an informed decision about the possible mechanisms they may need to implement could involve contacting experts in software development. In the end, a Martech stack is a custom collection of solutions that companies can implement for creating an innovative and sustainable brand.

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