The Best Eco-Friendly Destinations to Honeymoon in Greece

Travel to gorgeous majestic island as an eco-conscious honeymooner

For those who are passionate about sustainable travelling and want to visit gorgeous Greece for an unforgettable honeymoon, this is the guide with all that you need to know.

Over the recent years, several Greek destinations have turned towards sustainable tourism, luring couples seeking an eco-friendly honeymoon. These destinations embrace environment-friendly practices to reduce energy consumption and minimise carbon footprint. 

Taking an eco-friendly honeymoon means being aware of approaches that help keep the environment safe and choosing alternatives to reduce carbon emissions in transport, accommodation, and everything else. 

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Below, check out the best eco-friendly destinations to honeymoon in Greece.

1. Rhodes

Rhodes is becoming a pioneer of sustainability tourism in Greece, implementing environment-friendly practices and aiming to become a Green Tourist Destination. Green electric mobility has a crucial role to play in Rhode’s sustainable development strategy. Thus, electric scooters have become increasingly popular on the island, offering the perfect opportunity to explore the ancient sites and beautiful beaches of Rhodes.

As the largest of the Dodecanese islands and ancient Greece’s financial and cultural hub, you’ll find plenty to explore on your honeymoon in Rhodes. The medieval Old Town of Rhodes is a must-see. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, it is one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval cities. It was once home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Nowadays, the picturesque town offers a fascinating blend of Greek, Italian, and Ottoman heritage. Walking hand in hand in its narrow streets, you’ll stumble upon ancient churches, towering walls, and medieval architecture.

As with visiting any Greek island, you’ll likely spend most of your time at the beach while on a honeymoon in Rhodes. You will find many beautiful beaches around the island, but Agios Pavlos Beach is perfect for couples seeking a quiet beach for spending quality time. While the beach does get busy during the peak summer, it’s not as crowded as the other beaches.

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2. Corfu 

Corfu is one of the greenest islands in Greece, making it an ideal destination for an eco-friendly honeymoon. It boasts lush vegetation all year round, full of cypresses, olive trees, and other plants. In addition, you can find some luxurious rental spots in Corfu, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a relaxing break.

Although most honeymooners would come to Corfu for its beaches, it has plenty of things to delight couples who are nature lovers. It’s not your average Greek island with whitewashed buildings and arid landscape. Corfu will charm you with its stunning natural landscapes and mild Mediterranean climate. You’ll spend your honeymoon bonding over outdoor activities. Other than discovering nature, another way to explore Corfu is to stroll through its picturesque Old Town. Wander along the charming alleyways and soak up historic sites like the Palace of St. Michael and the Old Fortress.

When it’s time to go to the beach, head to the twin beaches of Porto Timoni, close to the village of Afionas, West of Corfu. The sparkling turquoise waters of these idyllic bays make them some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. Getting to these beaches requires taking a boat from nearby resorts. But if you’re up for more adventures, you can hike on foot from a nearby village.

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3. Santorini 

Santorini is one of the top honeymoon destinations in June, when the weather is at its best. This ideal weather allows you to completely enjoy outdoor exploration and immerse yourself in the island’s stunning scenery.

With its charming cobblestone alleyways, whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, and beautiful sunsets, it’s no surprise that Santorini has become Greece’s most popular honeymoon destination. For a small island, it has a lot to offer guests of all types, including eco-conscious couples.

When honeymooning in Santorini, book an accommodation committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Choose a resort that implements environment-friendly strategies, such as reusing towels, installing solar panels, and using biodegradable products. Staying in accommodations that adhere to eco-friendly practises can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your sustainable honeymoon.

When planning your itinerary, choose activities that benefit the local community. While you may want to visit popular destinations and dine at luxury cliffside restaurants, you should seek local experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and support the local economy, such as wine-tasting tours and a walking tour of villages with a local as your guide.

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4. Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most visited tourist destinations, enchanting honeymooners from around the world with its allure. The island has not only captured the hearts of couples seeking a romantic getaway but has also been part of the evolving Greek honeymoon experience. Over the past few years, a dedicated effort has been made to revitalise the island’s tourism industry, emphasising a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. Amidst the extraordinary influx of tourists, Mykonos is embracing green technology and infrastructure, ensuring the preservation of its natural beauty for generations to come.

Whether you want to party or relax under the golden sun with your loved one, Mykonos has beaches perfect for you. All these beaches offer crystal-clear waters and powdery white sands, making you feel like you are in paradise. Couples into partying should head to Platys Gialos or Paradise Beach, while those who prefer quieter spots can visit Agios Stefanos or Korfos.

If you want to chill out in Mykonos, Little Venice is the perfect place. It has waterfront restaurants and cafes to relax, enjoy good food, and people-watch. The area is also a romantic place to stroll around, especially during sunset.

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5. Crete

Crete has plenty to offer in sustainable tourism, making it one of the best eco-friendly destinations to honeymoon in Greece. It boasts a rich tapestry of majestic mountains, stunning canyons, and idyllic beaches lapped by crystal-clear waters. Due to its strategic importance, Crete has many remains of occupying civilisations, including the Minoans.

Choose local guides when sightseeing around Crete. It’s one of the best ways to support local communities. These guides are familiar with the island and can take you to popular attractions like the Old Venetian Port of Chania and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. They can also take you to hidden spots only locals know about.

Local guides can talk about their tradition and heritage, which is a great way to immerse in the local culture. Aside from a sightseeing tour, consider a food tour with a local. Crete is renowned for its delectable cuisine, allowing you to have a great time on your foodie adventure.

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