AU Circular Fashion Conference | For a more sustainable supply chain in fashion

A call to action to the fashion industry to interweave sustainability

It is widely recognized that the global fashion industry is both the second-largest toxic chemical polluter and a problematic contributor to landfill waste. But the good news is the fashion industry doesn’t need to continue on this trajectory to maintain its bottom line. At every stage within the supply chain, there is avoidable waste and pollution. The challenges are complex and we need to take action now. 

Note: This event was host in 2019

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference is an event specifically designed as a call to action for collaboration within the Australasian fashion retail industry to drive accountability from the fashion industry for realistic environmental targets. For the first time, attendees will discover what sustainability means and what responsible practice looks like. If you are those who need solutions for a more sustainable supply chain, your ticket to Australia’s biggest fashion event of the decade is here (for a limited time and seats).

The size of fashion residual waste is enormous – currently averaging 2.25m tonnes per year in Australia, with an estimated value of $500 million in clothing. By 2030, it is predicted that the fashion industry will be using two Earths’ worth of resources, with the demand for clothing rising by 63%.

You may agree: there is no time left. We must change the fashion industry all around to make it be a bit more sustainable, a bit more ethical, a bit more circular.

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 supply chain innovation

This is not about getting folks to stop buying clothes, or changing consumers’ fashion habits. Instead, the Australian Circular Fashion Conference is about gathering global experts in the field to ignite a change within the industry.

The event is been designed to get the fashion industry leaders to gain powerful insights into important resources for growth, long-term strategic business development, leverage global competition, equality, and responsible measures in building a stronger and more sustainable fashion industry within Australia and New Zealand.

What movement that started last year, the Australian first annual circular fashion conference, has a remarkable goal: to record 230 businesses adapting sustainable practice within manufacturing, production, and operating systems by 2024.

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 business leaders

Not Just Another Conference on Fashion

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference is not about gathering thinkers and experts to discuss what we all know: there must be a change in the fashion industry. And so, the ACFC has partnered up with Australian and New Zealand academic institutions and companies in the fashion industry to fast-track progress.

With measurable goals and a road map in mind, what makes this conference on circular fashion different from others is that ACFC is planning to see standardization and commitment targets for all brands and retailers in Australia and New Zealand by 2020 as a result.

In fact, there is a day of workshops planned following the one-day conference. The practical workshops are run by the very same international speakers. Those attending will have the chance to work with the professional leaders in the industry and brainstorm around “circular fashion” which utilizes innovative recycling practices to reduce residual waste.

Here are the workshop sessions, covering key five sections of the circular model (which we can’t wait to attend):

W 1 | Best Practice + Procurement

W 2 | CSR Values + Marketing

W 3 | Design + Supply Chain

W 4 | CSR + Marketing Values

W 5 | Stewardship

On the first day of the AU Circular Fashion, the conferences will cover a full program that is directly related to get leading companies in the fashion industry to tackle sustainable solutions by planning our a strategy and get them to ask the toughest questions. To join forces, to build economically viable means, to practice sustainable and circular manufacturing practices.

“What we are doing is making sure that the decision makers in the industry have the information and knowledge that they need to help bring about change. We believe this is how we can see a real transition for modernisation in current fashion production.” ACFC Director Camille Reed

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 Camille Reed
ACFC Director Camille Reed

Consumer Education + Awareness

  • Education on garment impact, long life care, influencing shopping choices and habits.
  • Staying relevant with the millennial generation, meeting market demand for transparency.
  • Understanding market shift, fast fashion is dying.

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 consumer education

S.M.A.R.T Economics + Circular Business Models

  • Positive investment in sustainable practice has proven economic viability long term.
  • Strong sustainable practice can influence good business decisions.
  • Planning inventory to match demand is highly valuable to the bottom line and environmental impact.
  • Accelerate efficient production with new technology.

“In Australia, we can and will be the leaders of a global initiative that will really take our industry into a new era.” ACFC Director Camille Reed

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 keynote speaker
Environmental Stewardship + Cradle to Cradle
  • Expand brand’s perspective and sense of responsibility.
  • Expand brand’s perspective and sense of responsibility.
  • Stewardship and restorative business practices as concepts for brands to adopt.
  • Track, measure and extend the life of garments.
  • Create a system to recycle garments/fibres and create new garments from recycled materials.

“Collaboration is the key. Stewardship and extended producer responsibilities in Asia Pacific have never been more pertinent.”  ACFC Director Camille Reed

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 program

Global experts sharing knowledge

Speakers will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the five important topics within a circular economy to equip them with the tools to make their businesses more sustainable.

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 keynote speaker program

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 keynote speaker program

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 special guests leaders keynote speaker

The conference will attract over 500 business leaders from the largest multinational companies in the Australian + New Zealand industry.

Some of the large multinational companies attending the conference include United Nations Global Compact, Lenzing, Workwear Group, Wesfarmers, Cotton On, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Arch & Hook, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Bluesign, Cotton Australia, Salvos, Textile Exchange and Forum for the Future as well as leading expert consultants in the field of circular and sustainable practice for the retail industry.

Australian Circular Fashion Conference at a glance

// Insight into an actionable agenda to facilitate change within their own organisations

// An economic industry, invite-only, dinner, hosted the evening before the conference

// Witness powerful keynote presentations at the one day conference

// Awaken to academic innovation, bridging universities + industry

// Access 6 Powerful Circular Economy Workshops Friday 22 March

// Begin planning an executive learning agenda

// Learn amidst 500 industry delegates in a 5-star networking environment

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 innovation

We ask you, ‘ What keeps you up at night?’

This is your chance to ask the toughest questions.

Determine the successful road ahead.

Plan out strategy + next‐steps.

ACFC Conference details

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 event details


St Kilda Town Hall | 99A Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC


Thursday 21st March 2019

Time: 9am-5:15pm, registration open 8.00am with breaks for refreshments and lunch through the day.


Early Bird SAVE $50 on all tickets until 31st Jan. Standard full price $290, VIP $390, Platinum $410

Purchase: bit.ly/ACFC2019_Tickets

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 workshop program

What people say about the Australian Circular Fashion Conference 2018

“A truly well organised & engaging event. If you want to open your eyes to sustainable fashion & the future of our industry, I recommend The ACF Conference.”  Carly Espinosa. Hotsprings.

“Amazing vehicle to promote Australia as a sustainable fashion destination.”  Wendy Cameron. Keynote Presenter.

“Amazing, inspiring & uplifting! I feel more equipped to take the information I learned from The ACFC & start actioning it in a way that’s aligned to our brand.”  Fabienne Costa. YCL Jewels.

“The ACFC is a fantastic event, brilliantly pulled together by Camille. The ACFC provided a wonderful platform to connect, share ideas & begin making systemic change to the Australian fashion industry. ”  Dr. Clara Vuletich. PhD Researcher + Consultant.

“Refreshingly positive, informative & empowering.”  Meriel Chamberlin. Full Circle Fibres.

“A day lead by industry experts & speakers who generously passed on their knowledge to attendees.”  Natalie Shehata. Tommie Magazine.

Australia Circular fashion conference ACFC 2019 Melbourne

Are there any insights on circular fashion you’d like to share with us? Comment below, we’d really like to hear!

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