APOXYLO the Mediterranean cork accessories brand for environmental goddesses

Feel earthy, stylish and show your warm personality to the world!

Cork accessories are the new luxury in fashion, but the difference? It’s a truly sustainable material. The designs are eco-conscious and the production is handmade in Greece with Portugalian Cork Fabric, in Portugal, the paradise of cork. Apoxylo brings high design standards and makes you feel stylish while connected with the essence of nature. Indulge yourself in ethical fashion, because all you need is cork!

Apoxylo brings all the warmth of nature into these wood and cork accessories to make you stand out in the crowd. Unique styles designed with a strong personality, coming in form of umbrellas, hats, handbags, backpacks, clutches, key rings… In their cork jewellery collection, your will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even rings! Recently they have also launched cork wallets for men!

The brand is based in Greece and the name “Apoxylo” stands for “everything that comes from wood”. The accessories are handmade combining materials of the greek olive and zebrano wood with the cork from oak trees. Portugal is home to the best cork worldwide due to its climate, which is key to obtain high-quality cork.

handbag cork accessories APOXYLO Portugal Greece

The extraction of the bark is a process that doesn’t harm the tree and it is renewable. In fact, harvesting the cork helps to increase the tree’s lifetime expectancy. Every nine years there is new bark to be removed. What makes cork even more sustainable is that there is very little processing involved after its extraction.

Because accessories are meant to enhance your style, confidence and uniqueness, sometimes it can end up becoming an added stress for some of us. Cork accessories not only feel body friendly, but they are also light and functional, so you can feel comfortable in your active lifestyle and be the best you.

You have a large variety of cork accessories options to choose from. The designs, you be the judge:

handbag earring necklace ring wallet cork accessories APOXYLO Portugal Greece

Apoxylo promises quality and reliability, and cork is an easy material to maintain. You basically need to get some warm water (temperature that you can stand with your hands), add a couple of drops of mild detergent (make sure the water is not bubbly) and with a clean soft cloth you sweep any visible dirt off.

handbag cork accessories APOXYLO Portugal Greece

Cork has become increasingly popular material within the design community, due to its sustainability and beautiful style. With the rise of people finding the comfort and eco-friendly way of expressing their style with cork accessories, the more the cork industry needs to plant cork oak trees.  As opposite as other materials commonly used in fashion, cork oak trees create a cycle that is healthy for the environment of our planet. It is estimated that every year oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2.

handbag cork accessories APOXYLO Portugal Greece

So supporting cork is supporting the nature! Check out Apoxylo’s website and get your outstanding piece of elegance.

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