Why Delivery & Courier Business Can Benefit the World by Embracing Sustainability Effort

Road and air transport courier business contribute to global warming, so here some explore some ways to step into sustainability standards.

The European Environment Agency reports that the logistics industry made up almost a quarter of 2023’s global emissions. Over 37 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted in a given year, and the sector’s share of emissions may rise to 40% by 2050 unless action is taken. 

Road and air transport, both of which are key to moving goods from one point to another, not only contribute to global warming but also have a devastating effect on human health. Higher rates of lung and cardiovascular disease are linked to poor air quality, signalling a need for greater sustainability efforts. 

The good news is that many companies in Australia are beyond doing their share to significantly lower the environmental impact of the delivery process. Read on to discover the savvy strategies they are employing.

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Embracing Electric Transport Vehicles

Australian logistics company, Team Global Express, demonstrated its commitment to a greener world by adding over 300 electric trucks, vans, and mobile charging stations to its already impressive fleet of electric last-mile delivery trucks

The initiative, made possible by a $190 million financing deal led by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, will include light, medium, and rigid battery electric trucks, courier vans, hybrid trucks, and mobile charging infrastructure in the company’s sites in Queensland, Melbourne, and Sydney. Of course, Australia’s largest delivery fleet is the postal service, which first rolled out in 2019 and now comprises over 5,000 vehicles across the country. It isn’t only big vehicles that are going electric. 

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Making the Transition to E-Motorbikes

Smaller deliveries made by small- and medium-sized businesses are relying on e-motorbikes. These smaller vehicles may emit less gas than trucks, but the combined total of various motorcycle deliveries at once is substantial. 

Research has shown that delivery companies can reduce their emissions by 80% by using e-motorcycles. There is another advantage of going electric. Companies can save on motorcycle insurance coverage by going electric. As a whole, e-motorbikes are generally cheaper to insure because they produce emissions and have lower maintenance costs and a reduced risk of theft. 

In addition to e-motorbikes, electric bicycles can also be used for lightweight, short-distance deliveries.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Courier companies are transitioning to biodegradable and recyclable packaging, made from recycled cardboard, compostable materials, plant-based plastics, and more eco-friendly solutions. 

Australian companies embracing green practices for their deliveries include Buy Eco Green, which uses recycled paper packs and tubes, reused and recycled carbon boxes, reused newspaper and cardboard padding, biodegradable cellophane bags, shredded paper, and other reused and reusable materials. They also specifically ask their clients to find new life for these materials instead of immediately throwing them away. 

Companies in Australia and beyond are making big efforts to reduce the impact of courier and delivery services. Efforts include replacing fuel-based vehicles with electric ones, using e-motorbikes or e-bikes for short-distance deliveries, and embracing sustainable packaging and delivery. 

All these efforts together can ensure that the industry significantly reduces its global impact, which is currently unacceptably high. 

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