Swivlit is the most versatile and convenient lunch box out there

Revolutionising food on-the-go. To Heat. Keep. Eat.

Swivlit is not just a lunch box. It is an ergonomic-fancy-trendy simple but innovative multifunctional cooking and eating pod. With a striking aesthetic and impressive functionality, we share with you all of its advantages. Are 10 reasons enough to make you believe this brand brings you the most revolutionary lunch box on the market?

Similarly to the sister-founders of the Swivlit, a new and extremely multi-functional lunch box, you probably also feel passionate about supporting the reusable revolution and are looking for ways to reduce your impact on single-use plastic. The healthy and environmentally friendly options out there are often limited when we want to take out our lunch with us for long days on the go.

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat features

A Swivlit can be used to cook (YES, COOK!), reheat or chill your soups, curries, pasta, salads (or whatever takes your fancy!) and keep them hot or cold for up to 6 hours. And this is only one of the features of this very innovative and super convenient lunch box!

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat


Why is a Swivlit the most convenient lunch box?

With a Swivlit you do not only have the perfect opportunity to eliminate your consumption fo single-use plastic, but all of a sudden, all your food storage dilemmas are solved! Here are our 10 reasons:

1. You will never have your lunch box leaking all over your bag again. Screw on the leak-proof lid and you’re good-to-go!

2. You will skip any queue to the microwave at work, because your Swivlit keeps your food hot from the morning until lunch. We all know how long these lines can be and how they can waste most of our lunch break!

3. You will not be stuck at the office, because your food will be warm by lunchtime, so you can escape your desk and chill in the park. You deserve it!

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat


4. You will also not need a table to eat from your lunch box. A Swivlit feels ergonomic in your hands, but most importantly, your fingers will be protected as the outside of a Swivlit stays cool despite having hot food inside it. 

5. You can use it as a takeaway container if you are buying lunch at a restaurant or cafe. Its capacity is 500ml, so we are sure that most of them would be happy to fill up your fancy Swivlit (while saving money on their own plastic containers). Many shops are also now offering discounts to customers who bring in their own reusable containers.

6. Your food will never taste like plastic again. Warming-up food in most plastic containers can release nasty toxins that not only make your food taste weird, but also have potentially dangerous effects on your health. A Swivlit is BPA free, and its borosilicate glass lining also makes it easy and pleasant to eat straight from.

7. A Swivlit is everything-friendly. Its combination of materials (borosilicate glass, polypropylene and silicon), make it microwave (or boiling water), fridge, freezer and dishwasher proof!

8. Worried about being fancy? With a Swivlit you will look tech-trendy gorgeous! Your only concern now will be that everyone will want to have the same one as you do! (Do not worry, there are a few colours to choose from and there are plans to release new colours in the not-so-distant future!)

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat

9. Didn’t have time to prepare your food last night? Problem solved! You can also use a Swivlit to cook your rice, veggies, pasta… almost anything! You quickly heat up the dry/raw ingredients in the Swivlit in the microwave, and the heat contained in the Swivlit will then continue to slow cook the contents over the next few hours. Yes, we know – high-tech!

For those who are planning to use this convenient lunch-box for cooking, you can get really creative here! From pasta, quinoa, barley, couscous, frozen or raw vegetables or fruit, cheese, spices and herbs, lentils, chickpeas, or other beans, also porridge and oatmeal or eggs and more… the list is endless.

The beauty of a Swivlit is that it’s very flexible in what it can be used for, and the exact measurements for ingredients aren’t hugely specific so you can improvise depending on what you have in your kitchen! Let’s say you want to cook a paella? Check this out!

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat video recipe paella
Video Instagram Paella Recipe

This is just one of the series of video-recipes that the Swivlit sisters are about to launch.

When it comes to meat and fish, Swivlit doesn’t recommend it just for safety, as there is a risk of meat being unsafe to eat if not cooked to the right temperature. However, you could, of course, use cured meat like chorizo and ham or cooked prawns.

10. But wait, THERE IS MORE! To further support your mission to reduce our plastic footprint, the brand also donates 50 pence of every sale of ‘The Signature’ Swivlit to The Ocean Cleanup, an organisation that is doing a wonderful job in cleaning up our planet’s oceans. Not only does it raise awareness of the huge amount of plastic waste in the sea, but it is also developing advanced and large-scale technology to prevent, extract and intercept plastic pollution.

If you think there are more reasons why we all should get the Swivlit food container right now, comment below!

For more information on this super-tech and probably the most convenient lunch box visit their website. They ship worldwide and offer free UK delivery!

Life is easier with Swivlit. Cook. Heat. Keep. Eat.

most convenient lunch box swivlit versatile multifunctional cook heat

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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