OneSave/Day app on a mission to make sustainable lifestyle accessible

The impact of one small action every day, each of us

What challenges do we face as individuals with our busy lives willing to contribute to make the world a better place? Where should we start to build a more sustainable lifestyle? As overwhelming as it may seem, it can be easy with the app OneSave/Day – let me show you how!

Asking myself this question, I personally think that if we look at climate change the most important challenge society is facing is that we are all individuals having adopted different lifestyles but need to adapt to the climate crisis right now. Whereas we are not asked to radically change our ways of living, we do need to go through a process of being more sustainable or eco-conscious in our daily life. 

The good news is that this can happen through the most simple and small actions that are impacting the planet. It is almost impossible to make people change from one day to the other and becoming vegan, stop taking the car and living energy efficiently. 

What is possible, is to do one simple eco-friendly action per day in order to start living a more sustainable life. So, what is limiting us then? We have two problems: either we do not know where to start and what’s the best habit to start with that will have an impact on a daily basis. Second, we tend to think our individual’s impact will be small anyway! 

Solving these two challenges is my goal with the app OneSave/Day

Onesave Day App on a Mission to Make Sustainable lifestyle Accessible

So what are the features of the app OneSave/Day?

The app is very simple to use and this was actually made with a strategic purpose. Every day the app displays a little sustainable challenge that the users will implement into the day. 

Some examples are “Do not use your oven today“, “Only shower for maximum 3 minutes“ or “If you are doing groceries today, make sure to choose products with a minimum of plastic packaging“. 

The challenges are very different one from another but are all meant to make environmental activities accessible to anyone who wants to join this community of change-makers. Just one day, one action at a time. 

Once the task is completed the user will click on „I DID IT“ and see how many people participated so that the impact can be imagined. This is actually a very motivating part of the experience because the app makes you feel like you have cleaned a whole beach by simply picking up one piece of plastic.

What appears so simple is possible with a very basic app, and that my friends is already having a huge impact! You can start today implementing those daily changes and see what habit slowly sticks into your lifestyle. Make from this app your routine… The way I like to think of OneSave/Day is as if it was my personal sustainability coach.

What’s been your impact to date? 

A lot of users of the OneSave/Day community send their feedback and personal experiences. It is so interesting as a lot of users actually changed something in their lifestyle. 

Onesave Day App on a Mission to Make Sustainable lifestyle Accessible

They didn’t become vegan or stopped driving their car but they started eating less meat and considering ecological alternatives to car driving. 

If the user appreciates a challenge in particular or thinks that one is very easy to implement, users will automatically perform it more often, meaning that an action is not limited to the day it was displayed on the app but it can be implemented more often in the lifestyle.

What do we want to achieve with OneSave/Day?

We obviously need more people using it! The more we are, the higher the impact. 

That’s the simple principle of the app. The more people reducing their water, dairy products or energy consumption and the more people switching to ecological alternatives, the higher will be the impact on the planet. 

We do not look at people using the app as numbers in terms of downloads, I just think every single user, you guys, are incredibly important individually. We also value very much other collateral actions that create a ripple effect, such as the impact of your conversations with other people, or the slow integration to make daily actions into a habit. 

If you feel you want to go to the next level, there is an ambassadors program in which I collaborate with people of the same field of interest to spread the vision together. For example, I recently had a collaboration with the current Miss Eco Canada 2019 and a rock band called The Continuous. So please feel free to reach out and partner up to make this impact scale!

I trust that we are in the exact right moment to launch this app because there is a visible increase in consciousness and concern towards climate change. We must together spread the word! 

Onesave Day App on a Mission to Make Sustainable lifestyle Accessible

My final thoughts and a call to action

I think that we are living in a kind of “comfort zone bubble“. Nowadays, you can fly for less than 10$ and buy meat for 1$. I don’t think that we need to step back but we need to go even further. 

Instead of making travelling more expensive again we should find sustainable solutions. I always describe the vision of OneSave/Day as „creating the lifestyle of the tomorrow“, a sustainable lifestyle. 

The first step is that people become conscious of their individual impact on climate change. The second step is to diminish the actions that are causing climate change while we simultaneously increase the sustainable ones. OneSave/Day can be seen as an app that helps you make this transition. In the most comfortable way.

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Maxime Leroux

Maxime Leroux is a 19-years-old International Management and Sustainable Development student in Marseille, France. While Maxime has never considered himself an environmentalist until seeing the catastrophic consequences of global climate change. Now he’s created his own way of living but decided to help others to make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle. With at an early stage he learnt coding watching Youtube videos to make the first version of OneSave/Day. Being a French who grow up in Germany, he’s got a profound interest in discovering other cultures and learning about ecological alternatives from all over the world.

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