How Technology Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Significant Other (Sustainably)

Strengthen your bond with your partner using technology tools that will improve communication and much more!

Falling in love can be one of life’s greatest adventures. When the two of you decide to commit to one another and love each other, few bonds can become as strong. It should be a priority every day to care for this relationship and be supportive of each other.

Having the right tools can give your relationship/marriage an extra boost. Though you may not think of it, technology can be very helpful in maintaining and strengthening your bond. Through the trials of life, you will go through a lot together, so any strategy that can bring you closer can be helpful.

Let’s discuss a few ways why technology can be used to improve your relationship with your significant other.

Consistent Communication

Perhaps the most obvious piece of advice for long-term relationships is prioritizing good communication. While this generally means being open and honest with each other, it can also refer to the simple act of being in touch consistently. When the routines of your life mean that you spend time away from each other, it doesn’t hurt to send a text to check-in. Maybe you have a lunch break and can give your loved one a short call to see how their day is going. Even a video call on your smartphone could be a fun way to see each other’s faces while you are apart. These small acts foster better communication and a stronger bond. 


What provides a better feeling than giving your significant other the perfect gift? You see their eyes light up when they open it up, and they cannot wait to use it. With so much technology in the world, there are endless ideas for gifts that your partner will love. If they are an early adopter but they also care about the environment, then you could buy them an ethical tech gift. Have they been relying on an old laptop that is slowing down for work? Surprise them with a new one that they can easily transfer their files and applications to. Technology is super useful, so the right gift could lead to a stronger relationship between the two of you. 

Remote Therapy

Many couples think of therapy as something for relationships that are in trouble. However, therapy can be incredibly helpful for couples and individuals at any time. Thanks to the technology of today, you don’t even have to leave your home to attend a session. Whether you think remote therapy would help you individually to invest more in your partner or collectively to become better communicators, video conferencing and many SaaS programs make it possible to receive help from the comfort of your home.

Pursuing Individual Interests

No two people are exactly the same. You and your partner probably have some separate interests or hobbies, and allowing each other the freedom to enjoy them is crucial in a relationship. Technology can make that easier. Sometimes, you get excited about a topic or hobby that your partner does not care about. You may want to tell them all about it, but you also know that they are simply listening to be polite. It can be healthy to find others who will match your excitement level. Thankfully, online discussion platforms can help. You could join a Facebook group centered around a specific hobby like woodworking. If you are deep into the world of computer hardware, then joining Usenet through a provider will grant you access to unregulated newsgroups about that subject. This outlet for your excitement is healthy and can make your relationship stronger since you are both free to pursue individual interests. 

Tracking Finances

Money is one of the most common causes of disagreements between partners. When your values are not aligned with how you treat money, it can be difficult to overcome this roadblock. Transparency and trust are the keys to staying on the same page when it comes to finances. Modern innovations like mobile banking and online savings accounts make it easy to track your finances together and stay on the same page. When you both can see all your finances online, your trust in each other will grow and strengthen the relationship. Plus, it prevents any financial secrets from being kept from each other, which is a recipe for disaster in any relationship.

Shifting Your Perspective on Technology in a Relationship 

The gut reaction to this concept may be that technology can destroy relationships as well. For example, people may spend too much time on their phones and not with each other. However, when used correctly, technology can provide a boost to your relationship. Whether that involves buying each other fun tech gifts or tracking your finances together online, it’s all about finding the right perspective on how technology can support your partnership rather than damage it.

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