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The digital version of coupons rewarding sustainable purchase

Do you also think conscious consumers should be rewarded for making better and more sustainable purchase decisions? Now brands have the chance to join this digital version of coupons, with strong redemption rates and no monthly subscription fees. Is this the next step to building the impact economy?

Today we interview Steve, he is the CEO of GoodCarts a technology that connects mission-driven brands to conscious consumers through a loyalty rewarding coupon program. He brings two decades of nonprofit “tech for good” experience to the social enterprise world with the aim to build an impact economy. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

Steve, could you share with us what is GoodCarts?

GoodCarts is a new way for ethical and sustainable brands to gain new customers online. It’s like a digital version of coupons on the back of grocery store paper receipt. 

How? Reciprocity magic. You reward your customers for making a purchase with exclusive discounts at other shops for good brands and, crucially in return, your store is promoted by those other GoodCarts member stores.

Our strong click-through-rate from online receipts (that you just close anyway) tells us that people love the idea of earning exclusive discounts from the good stores in our network. The best part is that GoodCarts it’s totally hidden for the user… until you check-out online from a “shop for good” store that’s a member of GoodCarts. 

Marketing to conscious consumers just got easier. Talk to us about it or schedule your live demo.

What brands that have joined? How and why should more brands sign up?

GoodCarts is open to a wide range of “shop for good” stores, from fair trade to buy one give one to charity-oriented to women-owned and Made in X country, and many more themes.

Every day we connect with amazing entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about their products and having a positive impact on the world around them. I love hearing your stories.

From fair trade innovators like Hoon Arts, Darzah, Connecticut Country Clothing, and 4 All Humanity to consumer goods from Evox Marketplace, Nepal Tea, and Shea Yeleen to veteran-supporting Sox Box, Eco Dog Care and non-profit Feeding the Orphans, we are on our way to hundreds of great brands that do good around the world.

If you are a social impact entrepreneur in retail, your brand should join GoodCarts too. It’s quick, easy, and free to join with no monthly subscription. Commissions are 100% results-based and you can watch our video demo to see how it works.

Also, if you represent a well established ethical brand, you should tap our revenue sharing option when you contribute more traffic to GoodCarts. Of course, you will also reach a new generation of values-based shoppers the scrappy Gen Z and Millennial-launched sustainable startups now joining GoodCarts.

Alternatively, with a non-sharing scarcity mentality, we can pay Amazon, Facebook, and Google for increasingly expensive advertising. By bidding for ad space against each other, we will wipe out the margin necessary to sustain the positive impact we seek. We vitally need direct connections between consumers and the impact brands they love.

As we innovate with stores globally, not only will we help existing conscious consumers spend a greater “share of wallet” for good, we will create an engine that introduces millions of new people to new and established “good” brands. 

goodcarts sustainable brands digital coupons rewards consumers

How do conscious consumers get involved?

If you are a conscious consumer, tell the impactful brands that you love to join GoodCarts. We have to believe that together, we can help millions of more people shop their values to benefit people and the planet.

You can explore a selection of our members’ stores on our marketing website. If you make a purchase from any of them, you’ll earn a special discount you can claim from one of our other member stores.

Vitally, nominate your favorite ethical and sustainable brands and online stores that you’d like to see join GoodCarts.

We know this is different than your typical ethical brand directory. Because traffic to GoodCarts is driven by our store members, our goal is to build a collaborative community of passionate brands that work together to help you shop your values. 

We are plotting a future Good Deal if the week e-newsletter, so we once you claim your first discount you’ll be in the loop.

Why are you passionate about “shopping for good?”

GoodCarts founder Chris Dykstra, an artist and serial technology entrepreneur is passionate about making capitalism work for good. He hates “crap-pitalism.” 

Now, as the CEO of GoodCarts (Steven Clift), I bring two decades of nonprofit “tech for good” experience to the social enterprise world. I am all connecting people to solve public challenges online – earning recognition as an Ashoka Fellow and White House Champion of Change under President Obama. So, I jumped at the chance to lead GoodCarts and work with amazing impact entrepreneurs in retail. 

I’m also the main shopper for my family who is always looking for the best value with good values with the reality of finite resources. As consumers, we “vote” with every dollar, pound, euro, yen that we spend. As I explored in my recent in-depth article on LinkedIn, a lot of mission-driven businesses are being led astray by the concept that most people will pay a premium for more ethical products. While maybe 10% will, most don’t and won’t … at least not until they’ve tried the product or brand the first time and see real value in the quality and then impact and sustainability. 

I am inspired by the opportunity to literally help hundreds of millions of people feel good about shopping their values and getting a good deal that converts millions of new people from saying they want ethical and sustainable products to actually buy those products.


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