5 Top environmental benefits of planting trees

Reasons why you should start planting a tree

Tree planting is recognized as one of the most engaging, environmentally-friendly activities that people can take part into better the planet. If you want to become more sustainable, Click A Tree is a great platform to get started.

Trees provide an unthinkable number of sustainable benefits for our planet and for everything that inhabits it. From juvenile turtles learning their trade in the sea all the way to farmers and families working around the world, trees are an indispensable natural asset to all of us.

But why? What sustainable benefits do trees provide in our everyday life? And why do we need to plant as many as possible before it’s too late?

In Click A Tree’s Guide to the Sustainable Benefits of Planting Trees, they explain exactly why you should care about planting trees, and how Click A Tree can help with just a few simple clicks on your screen.

The sustainable benefits of planting trees

A world without trees doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Mother Earth has spent millions of years developing its most effective weapon in the battle against climate change and, you guessed it, that weapon is a tree.

But we don’t need to plant trees just to help battle climate change (although, to be honest, that’s a pretty big one). Not convinced? You soon will be. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider planting a tree today.

1. More oxygen in our air

We’re going to take a stab in the dark here – you like breathing, right? Of course, you do! And trees make that possible.

The oxygen we need to survive comes from a few irreplaceable sources on our planet, and trees are one of them. Oxygen is naturally released as a by-product of a tree’s photosynthesis, where they pull in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

So by planting more trees all over the world, we’re creating more oxygen and more fresh air to breathe.

There are tens of thousands of different tree types on our planet, and the amount of oxygen produced by each one can vary. But, regardless, for each breath, you take reading this article, be thankful for a tree.

5 Top environmental benefits of planting trees

2. More natural carbon sinks and reduced greenhouse gases

And as if that natural phenomenon wasn’t enough, trees also absorb carbon (and water) when they feed themselves and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

This is crucial. One of the factors affecting global warming and climate change is the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. That’ll be carbon dioxide, the ‘greenhouse’ gas, famous for its heat-trapping properties.

In a planet heating up at an alarming rate, the excessive levels of carbon dioxide that we’re producing is literally trapping the heat in our atmosphere.

Trees are essentially giant filters that combat that. Giant planet-saving, air-purifying, superhero filters. Why wouldn’t you want to plant one of them?

5 Top environmental benefits of planting trees

3. Natural habitats for endangered animal species 

So the sustainable benefits of planting trees are obvious where our planet is concerned. But what about for everything that lives on it?

Well, just about every animal you can think of depends on trees – even sea life! In fact, many of the world’s endangered animal species are endangered because they’ve lost their natural habitat to deforestation.

As WWF explains, tree clearing is a significant factor in devastating habitat loss for many Asian animals including tigers, orangutans, rhinos, and elephants. Some of them are already on the brink of extinction.

That’s why they plant Trees for the Seas and Trees for Tuskers. Each tree you plant with them helps to protect marine wildlife and create vital habitat for land-based animals.

4. Dependable salaries and careers around the world

Then there are the people that benefit from planting trees as well. Often, Click A Tree plants trees in developing nations where stable careers and reliable salaries are lacking. A career planting trees allow workers to provide for their families and helps them escape poverty.

The Miracle of Mahabana shows how planting trees in a small village in Madagascar transformed the entire community. Families can now afford simple necessities like food or a bed, and they could even afford an education.

But planting trees can have even bigger consequences – like their tree-planting project in Ghana. On top of reforesting Ghana and creating work for local people, planting trees also supports a local entrepreneurship school for young, unemployed Ghanaians.

Young people are able to develop the business knowledge they need and build a better future for themselves. They get valuable work experience and learn unique new skills. But, importantly, the community is educated and able to grow. That way, the next generation will be equipped with valuable tree-planting skills and knowledge, and they’ll continue to pass that to the next generation too. 

And all because you entered a few pieces of info online and planted a tree. How awesome is that? Plant one of their Trees for Entreepreneurs (no, that’s not a typo) to continue supporting the community there.

5 Top environmental benefits of planting trees

5. Healthier soil and natural humidity control

The sustainable benefits of planting trees are applicable to our environment, the animals on our planet, and families all over the world. But let’s not forget about Mother Earth herself.

Trees help to regulate the water cycle all over the world. Rain is absorbed from soil by trees and other plants before it transpires back into the atmosphere. This means that trees help to control the levels of humidity in our air.

But they manage the quality of soil too. Trees naturally remove noxious substances and carbon from the soil, which is hugely beneficial to other plants and crops. Their roots pull deep minerals to the surface, their foliage also decomposes and adds even more nutrition to the soil. Trees do nothing but purify the soil we use for agriculture and biodiversity.

Additionally, trees act as a natural barrier to harsh winds and floods and protect the soil in fields all over the world from turning to desert. Mangrove trees, in particular, have been shown to protect endangered coastlines.

5 Top environmental benefits of planting trees

How can you get involved?

That’s a pretty impressive list of the sustainable benefits of planting trees, right? But we can’t just admire the impact that trees can have – we need to do everything we can to plant as many as possible!

Thankfully, Click A Tree has made that easier than ever before and gives you a variety of options and ways that you can plant trees. Trees make for a brilliant and sustainable gift for a loved one. Or, if you use their travel and tourism platform, B’n’Tree, you can even plant a tree when you book your next trip – and it won’t cost you anything at all.

Finally, if you’re a business looking to catch the attention of eco-conscious customers (that’s the majority of customers, by the way) by committing to sustainable projects, then they’re always happy to tailor tree-planting solutions for your business needs.

Keep the good vibes coming and keep on planting trees – for all of us.

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