10 Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her

Sustainable eyeglasses that give back to the people & the planet

Are you looking for eco-friendly eyewear that’s affordable and sustainably made? Here ​​an extensive guide of stylish, comfy, versatile, and durable eyewear!

Eco-friendly eyewear is in growth, with eyeglasses that are made from sustainable materials that help you look good and feel great with a clean conscience.

The future of manufacturing will increasingly include beautifully designed and sustainable products that are deeply interwoven in every aspect of daily life. A world in which we humans strive to live more in balance with nature.

For example, If you have vision issues, it is now possible to look at the world through a pair of eco-friendly eyeglasses. Being eco-friendly does not mean you have to abandon style. With Ray Ban Authentic, you can find distinctive, fresh, and virtually-interesting designs created by standout entrepreneurs who believe in a sustainable future.

Let’s take a look at seven eco-friendly eyewear brands:

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Top ethically-made, eco-friendly eyewear brands (for him & her)

1. Mouqy

Mouqy has a lot of affordable and fashion frame choices. They also offer a line of eco-friendly glasses, acetate eyeglass.

Why are Mouqy’s acetate frames sustainable? The frames are made from plant-based material. They combine light weight with sturdiness and are non-irritating, making them the perfect option for the eco-conscious and people with sensitive skin. Mouqy’s frames are available in many cutting-edge styles, colors, and patterns.

What is acetate? It is a hypoallergenic and renewable material (also known as cellulose acetate) and is produced from cotton plants or wood pulp. The plant-based fibers are formed into thin sheets and layered together to create a lightweight and comfortable fit. Acetate is remarkably durable, even rivaling some metal frames in this regard. 

Price: For eco-friendly eyewear, Mouqy can’t be beaten! High-quality and affordable frames starting from $10. Plus, free shipping worldwide, no minimum spend, and a 30-day return policy.

Ethical Values: Sustainable Materials, Give Back

Country: United States

Mouqy Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: Mouqy

2. Blue Planet

Blue Planet Eyewear was founded in Carpinteria, California in 2009.

How are Blue Planet eyeglasses sustainable? The company uses excess materials from production factories that would otherwise end up in landfills, eventually leading to the release of carbon dioxide and various toxins into the atmosphere and waterways. It also incorporates natural materials such as bamboo, beechwood, walnut, and zebra wood into its designs. 

How does Blue Planet give back? The company helps those less fortunate and the environment in two ways:

  • Through its Visualize Change Program, with each purchase of a pair of Blue Planet eyewear, a pair of corrective glasses is donated to a person in need. To date, the company has donated more than 1,000,000 pairs of glasses to people all over the world. 
  • A tree is planted for every pair of eyeglasses sold. 

Price:  Eco-friendly eyewear starts at around $30. The company sells reading glasses and sunglasses but does not accommodate prescriptions. Get 15% discount code “OURGOODBRANDS”

Ethical Values: Sustainable Materials, Recycled, Circular, Give Back

Country: United State

Blue Planet Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: Blue Planet

3. Eco Eyewear

Eco Eyewear began life in 2009 as a line under the umbrella of its multinational parent company Modo. The line was introduced to create consumer awareness about eyeglass frames made from sustainable materials, and Eco claims to be the first sustainable eyewear brand in the world. Eco’s frames are available in eyeglass stores across the U.S.

Why is Eco Eyewear sustainable? The brand offers frames in various styles made from several sustainable materials – bio-based and crafted from castor seed oil, recycled metal, and recycled ocean-based plastics.

How does Eco give back? Eco is committed to helping the environment in the following ways:

  • Partner with Waste Free Oceans, an organization working with local fishermen to collect plastic fishing nets, ropes, and trawls from the ocean.
  • By an alliance with Trees for the Future, an NGO that works to educate small farmers on how to practice sustainable farming and forestry by a method called the Forest Garden Approach. So far, over 19,095 forest gardens have been planted.
  • Oversee a movement to help local people all over the world clean up their favorite beaches.

Price: $167 – $200 (for frames only).

Ethical Values: Sustainable Materials, Recycled, Give Back

Country: United States

ECO Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: ECO Eyewear

4. SeaClean

SeaClean is a line of sustainable eyewear from GlassesUSA, one of several fast-growing online eyewear providers.

Why is SeaClean eyewear sustainable? The frames are created from recycled plastic bottles and are available in black or tortoise and in several designs. Five upcycled plastic bottles equal one pair of glasses. 

How does SeaClean give back? For every pair sold, $5 goes to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping support a plastic-free ocean. 

Price: $98 (prescription included). Also available as sunglasses.

Ethical Values: Recycled, Give Back

Country: United States

Sea Clean Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: Sea Clean

5. Proof

Proof was established in 2010 by three brothers and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Proof has succeeded despite being turned down by the renowned investors at Shark Tank. Success is evidenced by the fact that Proof’s eyewear has been worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and Macklemore.

Why is Proof’s eyewear sustainable? Proof’s frames are made from sustainably harvested wood, biodegradable plant-based plastic (produced from cotton), and recycled aluminum.

How does Proof give back? The company takes giving back as seriously as it does sustainability through its Do Good initiatives, which include the following: 

  • Providing tsunami relief in Japan.
  • Rehabilitating child soldiers in Africa.
  • Reforestation in Haiti. 
  • Donating funds to build eye clinics and other community projects in several countries.
  • Donating money to The Nature Conservancy.
  • Partnering with the Eden Reforestation project. For every frame purchased, five trees are planted in areas in Africa.

Price: $50 – $180 for frames only. You need to obtain a prescription from a local eye care professional. Sunglasses are also available. 

Ethical Values: Fair-trade, Locally Made, recycled, sustainable materials, give back

Country: United States

Proof Eyewear Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: Proof Eyewear

6. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that was founded with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style.

They’re constantly asking themselves how they can do more and make a greater impact—and that starts by reimagining everything that a company and industry can be. Warby Parker wants to demonstrate that a business can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world—without charging a premium for it. And they do it with creativity, empathy, and innovation to achieve that goal.

Ultimately, the brand believes in vision for all, which is why for every pair of glasses or sunglasses we sell, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need through our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. As of 2020, over eight million pairs have been distributed—and they’re only just getting started.

Ethical Values: Social Justice, Give Back, Locally Made, Fair-trade

Country: United States

Warby Parker Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her

7. Toms

TOMS is the first business that comes to consumers mind when we think of the One for One model; it is indeed the very first company that implemented it. Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS and the person behind the One for One® business model, which helps a person in need with every product purchased.

With the collections of Toms shoes, Toms bags and backpacks, Toms eyewear and Toms coffee giving to different causes, the brand’s overall impact is massive.

Currently the brand is working with over 90 Giving partners, around 70 countries. Also, TOMS has contributed and provided funds to more than 20 startup companies with a social mission.

Ethical Values: Fair-trade, Social Justice, Give Back, Sustainable Materials, Recycled, Organic

Country: United States

TOMS Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
toms one for one model brand impact infographic eyewear

8. Retrospecced

Retrospecced is a social enterprise that recycles and refurbishes retro and designer spectacle frames.

Choosing Retrospecced for a fabulous, unique look means that you’re not only getting a pair of funky glasses, but you’re also supporting an ethical, sustainable fashion movement.

On top of providing a sustainable eyewear solution, Retrospecced gives back through their partnership with Vision Aid Overseas and the Lions Clubs International, which supports the fantastic work that they do providing vision care across the world to people who need it most. The brand donates 20% of what they sell each frame for the cause.

Ethical Values: Sustainable Materials, Give Back

Country: United Kingdom

Retrospecced Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her

9. Waterhaul

Waterhaul’s founder, Harry Dennis, worked as a marine scientist for a project engaging community action regarding plastic pollution. To his dismay, he discovered that the brightly colored green strands of ghost gear were a familiar sight on every shoreline, from the Coral Triangle to the Artic Circle. Discarded or lost plastic fishing gear (aka ghost gear) is unfortunately abundant in the world’s oceans, and the problem grows by 640,000 tonnes yearly. These high-quality plastic nets are the most lethal form of plastic to marine life. They keep on catching for over 500 years unless removed. Dennis decided to do something about it.

Why is Waterhaul eyewear sustainable? Waterhaul’s eyeglass frames are made from 100% recycled plastic fishing nets hauled out of the ocean. The nets are unbelievably strong and thus make equally strong eyeglass frames. The company’s well-built and stylish frames come with a lifetime guarantee. Moreover, the company has developed a circular production loop enabling old or damaged pairs to be recycled and remade into new ones. The frames are available in an appealing dark gray matte with a subtle fleck pattern meant to represent the origin of the material used.

What is Waterhaul’s mission? Waterhaul describes an empty catch and hauling an empty net out of the ocean is a core part of the company’s manifesto. 

Price: $58.50 for a frame (Waterhaul can fulfill prescriptions starting at about $60.)

Ethical Values: Recycled, Circular

Country: United Kingdom

Waterhaul Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: Waterhaul

10. MITA

MITA is a brand name derived from Miami and Italy. Founded in Miami, MITA’s sustainable eyeglass frames are made in Italy. The company draws inspiration from its Florida home city’s lively, energetic, and artistic energy. It is known for its bold, fashionable eyewear designs.

Why is MITA’s eyewear sustainable? The company creates its lightweight, high-quality frames from recycled plastic or recycled aluminum cans. Each sustainably made plastic eyewear frame is made from five plastic water bottles. This helps to reduce plastic waste in landfills while creating a closed production loop for conscious fashion consumers. All of the company’s eyewear, cases, and cleaning cloths are made of recycled materials.

How does MITA give back?  2% of the company’s profits go to one of two philanthropic organizations:

  • PurelyBlu, which upcycles ocean-bound plastic into pieces of jewelry.
  • Clean Miami Beach, is an organization that strives to keep the local community and natural habitats free of harmful pollutants and garbage.

Price: $110 – 120 for frames only. You need to take your glasses to a local eye care professional to have your prescription filled 

Ethical Values: Recycled, Give Back

Country: United States

MITLA Eco-friendly Eyewear Brands for Him and Her
Photo Credit: MITLA

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, more and more people, especially young people, are concerned about the human impact on the environment. This is reflected in the growing demand for sustainable products of all kinds. It is fair to say that more sustainable items will find their place in the marketplace as time goes by. 

We will continue to keep this blog updated, so if you have a suggestion of a similar eco-friendly eyewear brand please share in the comments below!

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