A circular economy for salt that keeps rivers clean

Combining science, circular thinking & disruptive innovation to preserve water sources

During the winter of 2018-2019, one million tons of salt were applied to icy roads in the state of Pennsylvania alone. The salt from industrial uses like this often ends up in freshwater rivers, making their water undrinkable and contributing to a growing global crisis. 

Tina Arrowood understands that water is the world’s most valuable resource — and one of the most finite. How can we better protect these precious natural resources? Physical organic chemist shares a three-step plan to keep salt out of rivers — and create a circular salt economy that turns industrial byproducts into valuable resources.

About the Speaker Tina Arrowood

By combining science, circular thinking and disruptive innovation, Tina Arrowood helps envision a world in which fresh river water is not scarce, but well-managed. Her knowledge and expertise fuels her desired to drive effective water management strategies forward and inspires her to innovate breakthrough solutions that promote water reuse and recycling. Alongside her colleagues at DuPont Water Solutions, Arrowood — a PhD Physical Organic Chemist and Principal Research Scientist — focuses on her energy and passion to advance membrane technologies that enable wastewater to be converted into clean water sources used for a wide-range of applications. 

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