12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Affordable, ethical and sustainable fashion for children

Clothing is one of our biggest sources of exposure to chemicals and pesticides, so we’ve come up with a list of the favourite go-to’s eco-friendly kids clothing brands that are made to last. From swimwear, shoes, seasonal or everyday clothes with companies that value the health of your child and the planet’s.

I make green kids. They are not from Mars, but still pretty green. I try to teach my two little mini-moi’s that our life on this planet has an impact. Good or bad. Big or small. For us, for others and for the earth. It just does. When we have a good impact, it feels great. When we don’t, we feel nothing, empty, and then we overconsume, we destroy. Sustainable lifestyle and choices usually, not to say always, are the best, the highest and the easiest ones. It gives a sense of purpose, of connection. One area where I have decided to reduce my family’s environmental and social footprint is clothing. And it really does feel amazing because our conscience gets a break, we know where the clothes come from and how it reached here. I’m sharing with you my favorite go-to’s eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands. Swimmer, shoes, seasonal clothes and more.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Art & Eden

Art & Eden clothing line is made sustainably with organic cottons, recycled polyester and low impact dyes. They follow fair trade practices throughout the sourcing, manufacturing and packaging process. Their clothes are certified organic. You might wonder, as myself, organic clothes? Isn’t that pushing the marketing far a bit. But no! Even for those of us who don’t eat our clothes… our skin absorbs what we put on it and clothes with hard-chemical products are unhealthy for our little ones. Art & Eden clothing line is artistic and fun. The designs are full of colors and motifs. On top of it, their prices are super affordable. The line of products is vast and you can find long-sleeved comfy sweaters as well as cute summer dresses. It’s a one-stop-shop for girls, boys and babies.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands


When the time comes for your little one to become a mermaid, she’s gonna need a little support. None of us want one of her precious little gifts to end up in the middle of the pool, right? TYOUB created an amazing line of reusable swim diapers that are eco-friendly and durable. Also, the overall quality of the diapers is great. The design was made with your child’s comfort in mind. There is no leakage, no red pressure marks, they dry quickly and they are easy to rinse and clean. Want more reasons to buy? TYOUB reusable swim diapers are made with sustainable regenerated nylon and ocean waste textile. They also provide UPF50+ protection. Their line goes far beyond reusable swim diapers. They have a complete line of swimsuits and swimwear. Their designs are gorgeous and practical. 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Luca Broccolini

This adorable brand is the initiative of a mom-and-daughter duo. Their line is designed and produced by them in their New Zealand home. Jenni, mom, and Jodi, daughter, have connected through spinning, weaving and sewing their whole life. Living on a farm, Jenni always made her family’s clothes. When her new journey as a mom started, Jodi created what she couldn’t find out there for her son. 

Made out of ethical and sustainable fabrics, like the wool of their slaughter-free sheep, Luca Broccolini clothing line is handmade, large, robust and durable. Their designs are unique, minimalist and comfortable.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands


One of my favorite brands for comfortable, long-lasting, versatile and stylish pants. Jackalo was born from a mom tired of throwing away good clothes. She needed something that would last. An option that would allow her kids to play freely without their clothes tearing up after a week. Her saying: “from the playground to the dinner table”. Her clothing line mission: clothes that stand the test of time. Every item has reinforced knees. Jackalo pants and overall are ethically and sustainably sourced and manufactured. The cotton used is certified organic as well as fair trade. It is grown to respect sustainable agriculture practices in Kyrgyzstan and Uganda. The brand’s philosophy also promotes a culture of repair.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Lovesay & MO

This brand is all about love. Their clothing line for babies and toddlers is simple yet so adorable and the comfiest. Megan Sheperd, the founder of Lovesay & MO, wanted to bring to the table an alternative that would be full of love for babies and toddlers, consciously made and planet-friendly. My favorite item is the little jumpsuit. Made out of fleece-lined organic cotton. They are like little pouches of heaven. You will feel like your baby is wearing a cloud. They are so cozy. Lovesay & MO line is slowly handmade. Every piece is unique. 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands


Parents out there, you will love this one. GroFive: a sandal that grows. 5 times. Expanding sandals: expandles. You know how your kid sometimes needs new shoes every 2 months? GroFive has you covered, for summers anyway. Their design is beautiful. The non-profit-owned brand and its team spent 10 years perfecting the technology. The GroFive sandals are durable, made with tough materials. They will last for years, reducing waste. GroFive is an amazing option for comfort, quality, sustainability and style.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Beya Made

If your toddler’s feet grow fast, so does the rest of their tiny bodies. Beya Made, an evolutive clothing line, makes clothes that grow. Don’t worry, you don’t need to water them. Instead, they are designed to fit three times longer. With an ingenious design that lets you adjust each item and unfold or unclip as your child grows taller. They are soft and gorgeous. Beya Made offers a very complete line. Rompers, pants, dresses and shoes. It’s a one-stop-shop for beautiful and smart kids’ apparel. The entire line is made in USA, sweatshop-free. 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Urban Baby

This woman-owned brand brings art to your baby’s wardrobe. Each product of Urban Baby tells a story. The designs are inspired by nature, big cities, wise or funny sayings. The high-quality brand uses gentle colors with creative and meaningful designs. They also believe in green production. In all aspects. The brand uses sustainable and recycled fabrics as well as compostable packaging. Their products are handmade in ethical conditions and the brand gives back a portion of their profit to a non-profit organization. Their online shop is full of surprises. Urban Baby has babies and kids’ clothing, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find accessories, options for parents, toys (plush and wood toys), care products and nursery frames. 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands


Frugi will quickly become one of your children’s favorite brands. Why? The answer is simple: because Frugi is kids’ approved. The brand gets children involved in their creation process. For example, some designs and prints are inspired by children’s drawings and ideas. This makes for a very colorful and fun brand. Their whole branding is playful and kid-friendly. Their narrative and their website will feel like a journey to another planet. A super fun one. Their fabrics are made from organic cotton and use no chemicals. Their outwear line uses recycled plastic bottles. If you want to make getting dressed in the mornings easier, Frugi is your friend! 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Boody Wear

Bamboo lovers, that’s for you. Boody Wear is a family-friendly brand. They cater for the whole family. Their entire line is made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo is a fast-growing and sustainable crop. The viscose derived from bamboo that the brand uses creates a soft and cooling fabric. They have a beautiful and amazingly soft baby line. They describe themselves as an affordable luxury line. Indeed, their products are high-quality, unique and affordable. Their clothing philosophy is that the most important part of our wardrobes is the essentials. That’s why this is what they specialize in. They have all baby clothing essentials. They use very gentle colors, minimalist designs, no prints. Comfort is key and they give life to the saying that: “beauty lies in simplicity”. This is why they only offer basic essentials. You know that onesie that you just love and always look for in the clean clothes basket because your little sunshine is simply so comfy and cute in it? 

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands


Travel lovers. These shoes take you around the globe. And you can feel good about it. Inkkas is an ethical and sustainable shoe brand. They have a kids line. I love their brand because their designs and prints are amazing. Original. Inspired by cultures around the world. Even better, their shoes are fair trade, created and made by local artisans and their production process respects the environment. Little goodie, they plant a tree for each pair of shoes that you buy. They have planted 257 000 trees so far. 

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KJF Clothing 

Handmade organic creations for little folk. KJF presents baby clothes that fit well over a cloth nappy, handmade ethically with GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo-based materials. A small range of goods that use off-cuts of fabric accumulated from making leggings and other clothing items, like the matching t-shirts and birthday t-shirts, are made using these off-cuts which would otherwise be scrapped. KJF also donates 50% of our profits to the charity A21 Campaign, which is on a mission is to end slavery.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

Rent a Romper

They (out)grow so fast! This is why Rent a Romper introduces the first shared closet for littles – capsule wardrobes that grow with them! Basically, it is a subscription model with rental clothing subscriptions for babies and toddlers offering a capsule wardrobe that grows with your child. The brands’ goal is to make parents’ lives easier while easing the negative effects that the fashion industry is having on the planet. All you need to do is to tell Rent a Romper about your little one and they’ll create a custom capsule just for him/her. Then, you can wear & love the items in your capsule until you’re ready to change them out for the next size up, or a new style. Time to send back your capsule in the eco-friendly box provided when you’re ready to get your new box of clothes.

12 best eco-friendly kids’ clothing brands

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