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Who Gives a Crap. Brands that inspire, even while pooing…

Worldwide, the equivalent of almost 270,000 trees is either flushed or dumped in landfills every day, and roughly 10 percent of that total is attributable to toilet paper. And finally, an eco-friendly sustainable toilet paper brand that does give a crap about the water contamination, the forests destruction, the greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of oil and energy used, the litres of water waste… but also there’s a purpose behind every toilet roll sold: building toilets around the world.

We discovered the sustainable toilet paper brand, Who gives a crap, on an edgy event organised on the Gold Coast -Australia, named Big Blue Sky. The merchandising we were giving away to the attendees was toilet paper. And I use and SHARE it (in all senses of the word) ever since.

Toilet paper brands use freshly cut trees. As Who gives a crap claims:

“We’re cutting down trees, wiping our bums and flushing them down the toilet, consuming loads of energy and water along the way.”

Instead, Who gives a crap is made out of eco-friendly sustainable materials and produced with cleaner processes than usual. Because… “After all, trees should be for hugging, not wiping!”

The cost of the product is unbelievable cheaper than the brands you can get in the supermarkets. Each toilet roll is AUD $1, but you need to keep in mind that they are double length rolls; easily explained, in a household of two it’ll take you to five months to get rid of the last roll… Yes, you spend, AUD $48 in a row but the cost of each person/month of toilet paper is AUD $4,8. RIDICULOUS cheap to be a sustainable toilet paper brand!

Who Gives a Crap sustainable eco-friendly toilet paper
Credit photo: @ecowarriorparadise

And the half of this amount goes to build toilets around the world. If you have ever travelled to remote places in Asia, Africa, South America… then you will realise that having a bathroom where to do your bare necessities isn’t that obvious.

For us, the most significant achievement of Who gives a crap is that they have made everyone using their toilet papers to be proud of it. Everyone I know loves to share this product, and by doing so, the brand has shifted a topic that could be a taboo to become an open subject of discussion.

We are amazed at how this simple product has committed to start a revolution. The brand is determined to prove that toilet paper is about more than just wiping bums.

Who gives a crap is trying to make people understand that toilets are a luxury for plenty of people (to be accurate 2.4 billion of people – roughly 40% of the world’s population). And this fact was the trigger for the founders to start this company. They launch the brand through a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo raising over $50,000.

Do you want to crack yourself laughing? This video is a demonstration why they are just so smart, fresh and REAL. The founder spent hours sitting on the toilet while the crowdfunding campaign was running, live stream!!


Who Gives a Crap sustainable brand impact infographics

The powerful impact of the brand Who Gives a Crap consists of building toilets around the world, as well as donating water through the Water Aid organisation.

The toilet paper Who Gives a Crap has provided a year of toilet access to over 46,000 people and $478,500 in water. But also the brand has saved 30,800 trees using recycled paper; reduced the greenhouse gases emissions by almost 6,000 tonnes. Nearly 75 MILLION of litres of water and 5,900 barrels of oil.

The best thing is that each dollar invested in sanitation yields $5,50 in increased economic prosperity.


So now tell us your bomb cannot wait for the fluffy puppy texture right? Because Who gives a crap sustainable toilet paper is soft as heaven. If you want to get magic delivered, you can buy Who gives a crap eco-friendly toilet paper on their website.

Do a favour to your bomb and the World will much appreciate it.


Who Gives a Crap sustainable eco-friendly toilet paper
Who Gives a Crap sustainable eco-friendly toilet paper


Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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