Ourgoodbrands Manifesto

ourgoodbrands.comWe believe most of the people want to be good people.

And social entrepreneurs. It’s a fact they are good people.

They are not just doing business, they working on a mission, on something bigger.

They want the world to become a better place.

Social entrepreneurs don’t mind sharing their ideas and their knowledge because for them everything is about collaboration.

They seek other changemakers to make sure the mission is on the right path.

And while they are making all these efforts to serve your needs, as well as trying to avoid harming the world…

What if you choose them? Their brands, their products.

Turns out they are better for your and the planet’s health, and also offer a better value of those commercial brands.

What if instead of buying a plastic bottled water you purchase a bikini made out of recycled plastic bottles? Aluminium is cthe packaging with the highest recycling rate between the beverage containers. Yeah! It’s definitely better than plastic. Then, other materials such as bamboo are truly sustainable and also have extraordinary properties. There are also other great alternatives for fashion.

But maybe you didn’t know all this… as the real problem is that we just don’t know about the alternatives.

Most people want to make the world a better place. But they feel disempowered.

We hope you, consumer or social entrepreneurs, find inspiration visiting this page; solutions that will take the form of more sustainable brands, and also a better way of consuming.

Everybody can make a change in their lives.

And it is not up to us to judge what you are doing. It’s just about encouraging you to take one more step towards creating a more sustainable world.

There are many problems in the world. The solution is here. The solution is you.

“If brands define you, choose them to make a significant impact on the world. Imagine how powerful your contribution can be”

Believe it or not, every single choice counts. Every single step is worth it.

We are not here to criticise you. It’s also not about making a radical change, all at once. It’s about ethical alternatives, and you will be surprised at how affordable they can be.

We are here to dis-confuse you. Our team members have a strong marketing background, that’s why we know very well how many brands are using green-washing techniques.

We expose good brands and also interview some of the social entrepreneurs that are leading real projects with a substantial cause and a good mission. Good people driving social change, who are doing good products and real, honest, good marketing.

We are here to fight limited mindsets because we genuinely believe in the power of individuals to make a change. We will help you to transform these thoughts into abundance. You will access relevant information about how your little action will positively impact the world.

We are the media that distributes the information of good brands for the consumers. We are going to fuel these stories, for you to learn on how to integrate the GOOD brands slowly, step by step, into your lifestyle.

You choose, we don’t judge.

We are the ambassadors of the good brands.


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