Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors [Ultimate Guide]

Enjoy the best of nature with these top eco wild camping tricks

The good weather season is coming and after the year lockdown, we all want to go wild. Wild camping. Because we’ve now realized that being outdoors and breathing fresh air in nature is the best health remedy. Here some top tips and tricks to go wild camping for beginners that also want to respect our precious nature. 

Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors
Photo Credit: Dziana Hasanbekava

Now that the Easter season, spring, and the good weather are coming, we’re seeing a wave of people escaping the cities and booking out dwellings in the rural areas. We thought we going wild camping instead, to truly make the most of nature and enjoy the outdoors with a real touch of adventure.

Especially in the past few years, we have seen a growth of people becoming interested in eco-friendly traveling. The sustainable movement is growing and so are more specific outdoor living styles. The driving desire to connect with nature has awakened in each of us (how did your lockdown go?!). Many of us wonder about this sudden affinity for the world outside. 

People adventuring outdoors, however, should not come as a surprise; even the concept of wild camping has been around for a while. Backpackers and rustic travelers have been engaging in activity way before the Patagonia outdoors movement.

Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors

Top tips and tricks to go wild camping & stay sustainable

For the adventurous souls out there, you should be aware that camping sites exist in designated areas. Once you have localized and pre-arranged a space, individuals, couples, and families run into the great outdoors and find their ideal camping spot in the wild. This is what has been popularly known as “wild camping.” There are several ways to add life and energy to this experience. 

A campsite of sorts minimizes the trouble, which assists a random outdoor spot. You’ll still have the ‘luxury of a designated area, a shower, and possibly even a small supermarket; however, when camping in the wild, you’ll be completely self-sufficient. And this will necessitate some trip preparation! We come with this list of tips to go wild camping and make your trip an adventurous one! 

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1. Plan your wild trip

  • Camping in the wild isn’t always just an adventure of fun, so be ready for the pros and cons. So do your homework, be proactive and prepared.
  • Ensure you checked the whereabouts ensuring you don’t trespass on private property. If you do, avoid unnecessary confusion by asking prior permission from potential owners to enter their personal property. One will have to get permission from the landowners before pitching a tent. 
  • Check the weather forecast before heading off anywhere, it is always nicer to stay away from the wet, winds, or other harsh conditions. 
  • Get your phone set up with all the apps you may need. Wild camping means – WILD. You may not have access to an internet connection – so planning is crucial to stay safe. 
Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors
Photo Credit: Mike Beck
  • Safety: it’s always important to check with locals and neighbors in the area about your surroundings’ safety or whether wild camping would be accepted. 
  • Pack as light as you can, so make sure you prioritize based on the planned activities, the type of food you are going to eat, and everything reusable. Weigh your pack and try it on, if it’s too heavy remove those extras that you think you may not use or need!
  • Don’t forget about the lighting while you go on your camping trip! Our favorite lamps are the Origin headlamp by Eukarya if you are looking for something small. Or check out MPOWERD, which is solar affordable energy that is also light for travel. While with Eukarya you get to plant trees for each product purchased, with MPOWERD you contribute to making the world a brighter place for the 3 Billion people who still live without reliable access to electricity.

2. Use zero-waste travel gear for your trip

  • Being in an isolated area, away from human civilization, gives nobody the right to destroy the environment. So packing your zero waste basics will make it way more eco-friendly but also more comfortable for you. Here is a useful guide of eco-friendly gear for outdoorsmen that will get you sorted!
  • Bring unbreakable but washable versions of plates and cups, reusable cutlery, reusable straws, a small basin or bucket, a sponge, a biodegradable soap, and a small laundry bag to throw dirty cloth napkins and towels into.
  • If you like coffee or tea, we love the brand HUNU a collapsible, convenient, and leak-proof cup.
  • Bring reusable water bottles, bug spray, food, eco-friendly toilet paper, plastic-free period underwear, cooking stove, and basic medicines. 
  • Make your water filtration system your new best friend. It is key if you want to stay hydrated as you not necessarily will have access to fountains or shops. LifeStraw is our favorite brand, as this life-saving straw can filter any water in nature safely. Furthermore, this company also helps to provide healthy water on projects all over the world.
  • Bring a decent gas camping stove. By doing so you are acting more eco-consciously as you’ll make sure you leave no trace while you’re cooking.
  • Carry your food in reliable and sealable food containers as they are excellent for a wild camping trip to avoid any leaking bags or food waste.

Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors

3. Pack warm sleep gear & outdoors clothes

  • You just won’t enjoy a night of wild camping if you have an insufficient sleeping bag, so invest in a lightweight sleeping bag liner – they can add an insane amount of warmth.
  • Wear a long-sleeve thick jacket because you want to stay warm in activity as soon as the temperatures drop. 
  • Make sure to chuck in a couple extra socks. Your feet will be your best friends this trip and they can make a whole world of a big difference to wear fresh ones to avoid unwanted humidity. Our favourite social impact brand of socks is Conscious Steps.
  • Whenever possible, place a rain cover or an old plastic layer on the floor before you put your tent or your sleeping bag. We love the brand Recycled Mats, which are all made out of recycled plastic materials, and provide an extensive range of lightweight floor mats in different shapes and colours. 
  • When sleeping it is nice to wear a beanie to stay warm in your ears and back neck area. Believe it: it’s not nice at all to wake up with a freezing head.
  • If you are taking a fully equip packed car, chunk in a foil blanket as a backup in case it gets very cold (checking your weather predictions is important!)
  • Check out eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brands such as Patagonia, LIVSN or even access this guide with 30 brands of ethical and eco-friendly sports clothes

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4. Outdoor activities & sports

  • It is pertinent to form a group and find good company with the people traveling with you, so choose your company wisely.
  • Plan ahead of the trip with your buddies and take advantage of each other’s good qualities and skills.
  • Like-minded people will help one with better insight and clear direction of the path which lies ahead. Assigning tasks and planning for survival are good conversations to have.
  • Camping solo is fun, but it’s even better to engage in yoga or meditative art such as drawing, illustrating, photographing, journaling, or playing music with friends. 
Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors
Photo Credit: Tommy Lisbin
  • Go on a trail walk – identify rare birds, plants and flowers. 
  • Spend a day hiking further into the wilderness, pitch your tent from sunset to sunrise before moving on to your next location
  • Chase sunsets and sunrises, take the best shots, and make memories. Show the world how important it is to keep our beautiful nature clean and pristine. 

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5. Go Wild. Up for a real adventure?

  • No pun intended but do not be afraid of going wild. Live it. Scream. Enjoy!
  • If you are out in the wilderness, a short trip to the nearby waterfall or a pleasant midnight swim in the river or lake is necessary.
  • Lie on the green carpet and watch the night full of stars. It’s free! A camping trip out in the woods without stargazing is a failed one. 
  • Organize a healthy veggie BBQ and prepare a healthy. Enjoy the views, better than a restaurant uh?
  • Scavenger hunts and hide-and-seek games are good attractions for families with kids on board. Include real survival tasks that involve using skills to get to meet each other better.
  • The most important wild camping tip for relieving yourself in the wild is that you do it considerately. Make sure you’re at the very least 50 meters away from any nearby water source, for the benefit of all local wildlife (human and animal), and dig a hole in the ground that is roughly 15-20cm. Enough to cover it properly.

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6. Wild camping. Yes, but keep it green!

  • Camping in the wild carries with it a notion of never leaving behind one’s junk. 
  • One should follow their conscience and discourage the loitering of outdoor spots. 
  • Do not pose a threat to wildlife by deliberately creeping into their homes. Endangering wildlife is a punishable offense according to the law across the globe.
  • It’s important to understand where and how to dispose of human waste when hiking or camping. Never leave it behind out in the open, avoiding harm and protect wild animals is key to the survival of the ecosystem as a whole. 
Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors
Photo Credit: Brady Knoll

Why Wild Camping

Wild camping is a rewarding experience that leaves an indelible mark on one’s consciousness. Even more so if we try to be sustainable along the way. So hopefully this guide of wild camping for beginners and eco-warriors has left you inspired to go out and enjoy the little wonders of life. Eco wild camping is a perfect way of blending with the soul and mind of nature. So, take that road and embrace the nature-lover in you.

Top tips to go wild camping for beginners & eco-warriors

We will continue to keep this blog updated, so if you have a suggestion of new useful tips for wild camping share your adventures with us in the comments below!

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