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ThankYou. For the every day giving.

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ThankYou is a social enterprise committed to ending global poverty. The concept is as simple as giving back to those who need it the most through the essential everyday products.

Like many social enterprises, Thankyou started with a simple idea. In this case, it was just a question: What if purchasing everyday items like bottled water, food and body care products could provide life-changing solutions for the millions of people who live in poverty?

Thankyou is a movement of people for people. Together we can end global poverty and Thankyou sets aside the 100% of the profits of the over 45 products available to fund life-changing projects. That’s why millions of consumers have already switched to Thankyou. Through their purchases, have contributed to millions of dollars to fund thousands of food, water and sanitation, and child and maternal heal solutions in 18 countries!

Even better… You can prove it. You can track your impact and see exactly which project your product is helping to fund. Pretty cool huh?

thankyou products social entrepreneur design

For the Thankyou products, they use a world-class bottling system, which means less water wastage in the production process as well as a lightweight bottle mould. All of Thankyou’s product packaging is fully recyclable.

Most of the Thankyou products are made in Australia to support Aussie jobs and the local economy. However, the Baby products are outsourced, where nappies are ethically manufactured in China, with parts sourced from Europe. The modern cloth nappy is made by a social enterprise in India, and baby wipes are developed in New York.

These are the problems Thankyou is trying to solve

thankyou brand impact infographic poverty solution social entrepreneurship

Here is a more detailed infographic on how the brand is addressing global poverty:

thankyou brand impact infographic poverty solution social entrepreneurship


The brand impact on Thankyou responds to a poverty solution social entrepreneurship business model. Here are the vast problems that the brand is solving.

663,000,000 people, 1 in each 10, don’t have access to clean water. This is 9% of the population. The consequences are that each year 1,600,000 people die from diarrhoeal diseases.
Thankyou water and body care products get safe water and sanitation to people in need. Over half million litres of water provided has been the impact of Thankyou in this area.

795,000,000 people, 1 in each 9, are chronically undernourished. This means that each DAY 25,000 people die from hunger; basically one child every 6 seconds.
Thankyou high-quality cereals and snack bars supply food to disadvantaged people. Over 130,000 people have had access to long-term food solutions, and around 28.7 million days worth of immediate food aid provided by Thankyou.

2.4 billion people, 1 in each 3, don’t have access to sanitation. This is the 32% of the population. Almost 1 million people openly defecate.
Thankyou body care vegan-friendly products provide hygiene and sanitation services to people in need.

Almost 3 million babies born don’t make it until the first month. Unfortunately, the 75% of these deaths occur during the first week of life. One mother loses her life in childbirth every 90 seconds.
Thankyou nappies and baby care products help to get the child and maternal health programs to families in need. Over 77,000 people have had access to the Thankyou maternity programs.

So far Thankyou has donated over 5.5 million of dollars to 20 countries in the world.


Recently the founder of Thankyou attended the Obama Foundation Summit, where the ex-president Barack Obama interviewed Daniel Flynn. The founder goes through the WHAT’s, the WHYS of this global movement in social entrepreneurship. Also some very interesting comments on  WHAT MUST END. All positive insights and pure inspiration JUST FOR YOU!

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!


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