Sustainable, biodegradable eco-friendly merchandising for businesses ready to make an impact

An opportunity to do sustainable marketing through business & spreading the environmental message

As a business, promotional material can become an essential for your daily activity. And we totally understand that! But what if you decide to go for eco-friendly merchandising options? Just imagine for a second all the millions of us changing our daily life products into more sustainable alternatives? The footprint would be MASSIVE!

Not long time ago, a family went on holidays. They were sitting at a restaurant in a beach resort when a “Marine Saviour” group interrupted the dinner to make the guests watch a video. The video showed the hazardous impact of plastic products have in our oceans, killing the life below water; they got “food for thought”. Since that day, they decided to start a business that would bring more sustainable products, but also that was really function and affordable for people to step forward. Just by choosing biodegradable and nature-friendly.

Cling Nature is a brand that started in Dubai with the intention to spread awareness of the consequences and dangers of using toxic plastic products, as well as its impact on the mother Earth and, by consequence, the human wellbeing and the marine life destruction.

And businesses, now more than ever, have the responsibility to minimise the impact as much as they can. Here’s an opportunity to reach that goal easily, with products that not just have a function, but at the same time are biodegradable, eco-friendly merchandising, organic and, of course! 100% natural.


The range of products is those which you could use in your everyday life. These are really affordable to make sure that any change in towards a more sustainable lifestyle is feasible and effortless. Even the packaging is 100% biodegradable, handmade, where there’s no use of animal products, with materials such as cardboard, jute, newspaper or cloth bags.

You can even give a unique personal touch to your gadgets by customising some of them. Especially if you are a company trying to get some gifts to distribute to your clients or even use as a promotional material on events. Buying in bulk supplies is way easier for you to get the branding printed (such as logo, name or slogan).

For sure, this will give your business a natural and eco-friendly touch!

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo branding

All the products of Cling Nature are sourced from bamboo that is sustainably harvested in India, coming from a small village called Velhe. Here more than fifty families work on the bamboo cultivation to supply the materials. Cling Nature gives them also the opportunity to work in the manufacturing of the bamboo speakers and other products as well as the packaging, helping them to get a second source of income.

*Any orders with Cling Nature above 159 AED in the Arab Emirates and get the items shipped to your doorstep FREE. Shipping worldwide where fees apply.


Check-out the Eco-Friendly merchandising available


Desk organiser

A single piece of Real bamboo handcrafted to give your desk a natural touch.

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo desk organiser branding
Price AED 30 | Branding options available for bulk orders over 100 units.


Mini Notepad

A 70 pages notebook made with 100% recycled paper. The cover is made out of real bamboo, and the set includes a stylish bamboo matching pen.

notebook eco-friendly merchandising bamboo branding
Price AED 30 | Branding options available for bulk orders over 100 units.


Bamboo Pen

100% Bamboo pens are handcrafted by local villagers who use their imagination and skills, giving it a unique look and keep the original bamboo texture and feel. No colours or glazing used.

bamboo pen eco-friendly merchandising
Price AED 10 | Branding options available for bulk orders over 100 units.



Bamboo Keychain

Bamboo Keychains are a stylish piece you could showoff anywhere and also imprint your logo /design on it. It comes with a bamboo top with engraving fitted with a metallic cover.

keychain eco-friendly merchandising bamboo branding
Price AED 10 | Branding options available for bulk orders over 100 units.



Bamboo speaker

The bamboo is crafted with a slit in the centre so you can insert your phone. And BOOM! You can instantly feel the amplification. No cables, any place, anytime. Hands-free for phone calls is just another idea of what you could do!

You can choose the natural bamboo design or, if it was not stylish enough, just pick one of the beautiful prints.

bamboo speaker music cling nature india

Price AED 60 classic bamboo speaker

Price AED 75 printed bamboo speaker

Branding options available for bulk orders over 100 units


Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antibacterial. The handles are made of MOS bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber.

The bristles are BPA-free, made out of nylon 4 & nylon 6. The carbonisation finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during regular use.

After three months use, you can compost the brush handle. The packaging is 100% biodegradable and free of any animal products.


Standard toothbrush – with coloured bristles

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo toothbrush branding
Price AED 12 (Kids) AED 17 (adult) | Branding options available for bulk orders over 1,000 units


Executive toothbrush – with coloured handle*

*The handle is round and long, compared to standard toothbrushes and has a big strong grip.

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo toothbrush branding
Price AED 17 | Branding options available for bulk orders over 1,000 units



Bamboo Comb

The 100% bamboo 11 cm long comb combines two sides, fine and medium wide teeth.

Easy to clean and good for your scalp, stimulating blood circulation and avoiding the static energy and dryness that plastic combs cause, using a bamboo comb drastically reduces hair fall, breakage and split ends.

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo comb branding
Price AED 8


Paper disposable straws

It is a great alternative to plastic straws. These paper straws are made from 100% biodegradable hard paper rolled with edible glue (which makes is hard enough to use with hot or cold liquid for 30 to 45 minutes intact). No use of toxics and BPA free, totally safe for children. Designed with a bamboo stem print and 7,75 inches size.

bamboo print disposable paper straws eco-friendly merchandising
Price AED 12 for the set of 15 straws


Bamboo straws

One of the favourites! These bamboo straws are uncommonly handcrafted with species of wild bamboo. The bamboo is harvested and grows on steep riverbanks, which is then dried in the sun, cut and polished with sand – as you can imagine this is big labour and an intensive process. There are two types, machine cut and handcrafted. The sizes of the machine made straws are 21 cm and 27cm if these are handmade.

Each set of 4 straws comes with a metal nylon cleaning brush.  

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo straws branding
Price AED 30 for the set


Bamboo cutlery set

The set contains a spoon, a fork and a knife. It’s ideal for travellers as it is light weighted and easy to carry. As always, bamboo is naturally made, with no toxics and BPA free.

eco-friendly merchandising bamboo set cutlery branding
Price AED 25 (set of three: fork, spoon and knife)


Palm leaf disposable plates

These disposable plates are made out of palm leaves 100% for food grade quality and can be used up to two times. Also is light weighted and easy to carry. Perfect for parties, events, barbeques and picnics. 

They come in various size and shapes. Bulk order for receptions and weddings, company events accepted.


palm leaf disposable plates eco-friendly merchandising branding
AED 15 or more depending on the size and shape (Pack of 10 pieces)


Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below, and we will make it happen!

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