5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions

Get a snapshot of the most recent developments in sustainability from community activism to international initiatives

Do you find it difficult to keep up to date with the latest news in sustainability? Here are some podcasts that make the debates and developments around sustainability issues more accessible.

Environmental, social, and corporate sustainability has been at the forefront of discussions in recent years. 

When starting my journey in learning about sustainability issues, I found it incredibly overwhelming trying to stay up to date with the discussions and programs as well as mapping out the interconnectivity of issues. I wanted to find a place that could act as a one-stop-shop too – at the very least – get a snapshot of current developments in sustainability from a policy and societal level as well as lifestyle changes beyond altering my diet.  

These 5 podcasts have been a guiding light in educating myself about sustainability more holistically. The breadth of issues covered has opened my eyes to the efforts being made to tackle the climate crisis. In addition, it is a continued source of inspiration and renewed hope. 


Note: If you’re looking for new great podcasts, you can now listen to all the new episodes from some of the best podcasters talking about sustainability, eco-living and social justice!

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to stay current with the latest developments in sustainability or be inspired, these podcasts are a great place to start. 

1. Outrage + Optimism 

Hosted by Christina Figueres – who brought us the Paris Agreement -, Tom Rivett-Carnac, and Paul Dickinson, founder of CDP. As Eisenhauer once said “pessimism never won any battle”. 

The hosts skilfully blend realism – when discussing the outrage, we feel when reading about or experiencing the first-hand consequences of inaction towards climate change – with bold optimism for building a better future. 

Outrage + Optimism takes a holistic approach to covering climate change from discussion of the latest news, scientific research, business development, finance, politics, and culture. Consolidating this breadth of information gives listeners a wealth of knowledge of the climate crisis to better understand what is happening, why it is happening and what we can do about it. 

5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions
Photos Credit: Global Optimism Podcast

2. The Climate Question

For those who are looking for a bit-sized program, The Climate Question is right up your street. Hosts Neal Razzell and Graihagh Jackson captivate audiences with their energy and ability to simplify issues in a relatable way. 

Joined each week by a range of sustainability experts from around the world to address burning environmental questions. It is an informative and pleasurable way to learn about how we can improve our carbon footprint as well as learn about wider issues the contribute to our climate crisis.  

5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions

3. Sustainable(ish)

Based in Wiltshire, England, Jen Gale bring us Sustainable(ish), an empowering podcast that acts as a guiding light for those who are looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Her practical and easy to implement approach inspires behavioural change by showing us that we do not have to live off the grid or shun stores to make a difference. Sustainable(ish) comes across as an incredibly supportive space that encourages us to not worry about being ‘perfectly sustainable’ but to take baby steps towards becoming more conscious consumers. 

5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions

4. Saltgrass

Saltgrass is based in Victoria, Australia and produces a new show every fortnight. It celebrates the everyday accomplishments of people combating the climate crisis and championing environmental stewardship within their communities. 

The show features in-depth interviews with people of all walks of life from farmers, engineers, healthcare professionals, retirees, artists, activists, and even CHILDREN! 

Saltgrass never ceases to inspire me as it drives home the message that small acts of everyday people can create a significant and positive impact.

5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions

5. The Sustainability Agenda 

The Sustainability Agenda – hosted by Fergal Byrne – is a hard-hitting weekly podcast with a new guest interview each week. The podcast addresses the biggest sustainability challenges, shares the latest developments in the field, and pushes us to think about the future of sustainability. 

While the podcasts are lengthier than others on this list, the format allows listeners to gain in-depth knowledge about the guests’ expertise exposing them to a variety of viewpoints and opinions. 

5 Sustainability podcasts positively sharing eco-wins & world solutions

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