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SPARKKE. Change beverage company. Activism in every sip.

Sparkke represents many causes and a wide diversity of people. It’s an activist beverage that wants to see a change in the hottest topics: gender equality, sexual consent, a shelter for the refugees, but also the brutality against the Aboriginals in Australia. The latest beverages are about respecting the mother Earth and, of course, the gay marriage. Sip by sip, drink after drink, you make change happen with the most activist beverage ever made.

They exist to represent universal fairness, social equity, and inclusion, and they express it through the product design as well as across the supply chain. It is a team of young social activists representing diverse orientations, cultures, and backgrounds, are disrupting a 4 billion dollar a year beer industry that is male-dominated.

Every SPARKKE change beverage supports an activist cause

sparkke change beverage brand activist impact

Gender Equality

“The genitals you were born with should not dictate how you are treated.”

Women’s nipples remain highly sexualized body parts that seem to serve the exclusive purpose of pleasing the male gaze. This attitude is harmful and degrading to women. Australia’s current laws perpetuate this harm.

Did you know that for example, in New South Wales women face up to six months in jail for the ‘offence’ of going topless in public? Even more absurd is that the police don’t need to prove someone ACTUALLY saw a woman topless, only that there was the POTENTIAL for someone to see her that way.

Feeling entitled to sexualize women’s nipples reflects the gender inequality deeply entrenched in our society.

NIPPLES ARE NIPPLES is the ‘feminist’ Lemonade, the one that empowers us all to stand up against sexism and to support and uplift women to the equal status in society that they deserve.

Let’s get rid of the double standards that exist. Let’s stop making women feel ashamed of their bodies. Let’s #sparkkechange!

free the nipple sparkke activist


Nipples – we’ve all got ‘em!


Sexual consent

Sexual consent should be simple to understand, even more, if we watch this video:

Sparkke has created the sexiest version of the beverages. It is for those who freely choose to participate in sexual activity. Because you must get permission before ignition; because consentiseverything.com

No more coercion, frightening, shaming or having sex for some other complicated reason that has nothing to do with you. Because consent can’t come after you do!

t-shirt sexual consent sparkke activist

Overwhelming numbers: in Australia, addressing the issue of sexual consent is crucial. One in three women has experienced physical or sexual assault in her lifetime. After the age of 15, almost one in five women will experience sexual assault. And four out of every 100 men are also victims of sexual assault in Australia.


What’s planet B?

Because climate change needs everyone’s attention, because our choices matter, because we can all contribute to a better outcome. And also because Mother Earth’s had enough and moving planets isn’t really an option.

Sparkke, with the New England Pale Ale beverage, pretends to attract the attention of the population, but also of the politics. The mining and burning of fossil fuels is a big problem in Australia, and literally cooking our planet.

Not only does this make things hotter, fuelling heatwaves, reef bleaching and bush-fires, it messes with weather systems and makes storms, cyclones and floods more frequent and intense.

Good news is that humans caused climate change – so together we can fix it.

Activist no planet b protest streets

Say I Do!

The rights of same-sex attracted couples have been denied for too long.

Very recently, on the 7 of December 2017, Australia approved the same-sex marriage. Many citizens were upset about the fact that they had to vote against love!

activist gay marriage protest vote yes streets

Supporting gay marriage shouldn’t be a question, especially since 22 countries in the world are on the pink list.

Sparkke, activists as usual, went very proactive before the important day so they launched the White Wine + bubbles.

That’s when the community of gays and lesbians supporters in Australia became proud activists and proudly shared on their social media pics of the sparkling beverage, demonstrating their support to LOVE!

Because love is love, no matter what!

say i do sparkke activist beverage gay marriage

Asylum seekers

“Boundless plains to share

For those who’ve come across the seas

We’ve boundless plains to share,

with courage let us all combine

to advance Australia fair”

This is the verse two of Australia’s National Anthem. In which it’s promised to share our plentiful lands with those who arrive on our shores seeking refuge.  However ‘takes on’ less than 0,5% of refugees resettled globally in 2015 (11,776 people).

There are far too many myths that cloud the debate on asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers are NOT illegals. The UN Refugee Convention, which Australia willingly signed, states that “any person has a legal right to arrive on our shores in any way they can and submit a claim for asylum.”

Refugees will not flood Australia. A country like Turkey hosts 2.5 million refugees, but the largest number of boat arrivals in Australia in a year has been 20,587.

The point is there’s plenty of room in Australia. What we lack is political will open hearts and the support of the people.

refugees australia activist sparkke

Put simply, Australia has an obligation under international law, to treat asylum seekers fairly. Stand with the cause demanding #EndTheAbuse #CloseTheCamps and #BringThemHere.


Australian Day

January 26th

The date that for many Australians, evokes images of joyful gatherings with beachside barbecues, beer, music, and red, blue and white paraphernalia. But for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and many non-Aboriginal Australians, it marks the beginning of two centuries of dispossession, theft, colonization, and violence.

Is it decent to celebrate a day that marks the brutal invasion & colonization of at least 250 different Aboriginal Nations & societies?

Changing the date of Australia Day is about how a nation that professes values of fairness and inclusiveness truly delivers on those values. It’s about truth and human decency.

If you and your family called Australia home for 60,000 years & then Australia was violently invaded and taken over today, when would you stop resisting? When would you expect your children and grandchildren to forget & stop honouring those who were killed in defence of Australia?

To come together in peace and healing, we must pay respect to what January 26 truly represents- the invasion of societies that have been here and loved this place for 60,000 years. 

change the date aboriginal invasion australia sparkke

Ending those celebrations paves the way for a genuine discussion about what date might be better and what a real national celebration might look like and be called.

You can be part of the solution by being part of the discussion. You can help ‘sparkke’ change.

 Get out there and start talking about #ChangeTheDate


Hey HEY!! And you don’t need to go out naked to be an Activist Consumer!

Is there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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