Sail recycled backpack. For ocean lovers!

Carry a story with Deriva.

Deriva it’s a story of love for the ocean that still remains after generations. The most innovative backpacks using 3D technology are from Spain. They are producers of sail recycled backpacks.

During a visit to his parent’s garage, Goñi bump into some old sails and other materials that belonged to a family business. Deriva was sail atelier located in Donostia, a very deep-rooted sailor town of Spain.

Deriva Sailmakers sail recycled backpacks raincoats

Sails are a highly resistant material, as it can support extreme conditions: sun, water and wind. Goñi also found out that his granddad used the sails that no longer serve to craft new products for their friends and customers.

Inspired by these stories, forty years later Alba and Goñi, decided those sails could not be drifted. They created a collection giving the sails a second life.

Sail recycled backpacks, where one sail is one story

Deriva Sailmakers backpack recycled sail

The 1701 collection backpack designs respond to a design inspired in the 80’s. For each sail, Dervia produces 8 backpacks, and no sail is the same. Every backpack is made out of a rubbed sail that has navigated, that has bearded storms and rough weather; that has competed and folded thousands of times. And that’s why every sail has its own story; every backpack is unique in its kind.

Deriva Sailmakers sustainable travel backpackReaching the standards in sustainability is a priority for this little business. Aside from re-using the sails, Deriva also fabricates biodegradable straps. Nevertheless, Deriva works towards innovation; they create, design and produce the backpacks with 3D technology. They hand polishing the sail recycled backpacks to present the final product with perfect and elegant finishes.

New collections 2018 sail recycled backpacks

As promised, Deriva was launching more designs in 2018, here we present one of the latest collections

1701 L. The backpacks are a new smaller version of the classic 1701. Also a limited edition made out of colourful sails. Yellow is the latest launch but very soon purple will also be available.

Deriva Sailmakers collection 1701L sail recycled backpacks

1702. This is a collection of a bigger backpack. The colours of this limited edition will also depend on the scraps from the sail atelier. Same colours as usual but with a 3D printed patch. And of course, 3D printed buckles.

Deriva Sailmakers collection 1702 sail recycled backpacks

Exciting! the Velisa Raincoat made out of big scraps, the patch and buttons are 3D printed.

Deriva Sailmakers collection Velisa Raincoat sail recycled








We can’t wait to see the next collection of Deriva Sailmakers!

Deriva Sailmakers collection 1701L sail recycled backpacksIs there any other similar brand you know or are curious about? Comment below and we will make it happen!

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